Won't there be too many Globes in the system now?

When Globes were first introduced, there were more Globes than members in our system. At the time, we had no mechanism for introducing new Globes and the proportion dropped significantly. When we introduced our Premium membership, new Globes were introduced but today still, over 40% of members do not have a Globe. Our experience is that Globes are seen to be very valuable and, consequently, people save them. While a Globe can be used for any duration of time, typically they are used for around 7-10 days. They are hardly ever used for shorter stays. We need to add Globes to the system but we need to do it steadily. The method we've chosen for distribution will introduce them steadily over the next 3 years. Existing members will receive their unlocked Globe as they renew. New members will unlock their Globes over time as they do exchanges.