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People Like Us uses Globes to assist non-reciprocal and hospitality stays. A Globe is a token that can be exchanged for a stay in someone’s home. If I want to stay in your home but you can't come to my location, I can offer you a Globe. You can then use that Globe to stay at another member's home whenever you want.

Globes are tokens. If you want to stay in someone's home and they can't come to yours for whatever reason, then you can offer a Globe. You can then use that Globe for a stay in someone else's home. It's up to the two of us to decide how long the stay is. It can be anything but, typically, it's a week or two. It just makes it much easier to organise one-way exchanges. When you go to make a proposal, if you select either a Non-Reciprocal or Hospitality exchange, you'll see a Globe section, but you'll only see it if both you and the other member accept Globes and if you have a Globe to offer.

No, Globes are not used for reciprocal exchanges, neither simultaneous nor non-simultaneous.

You can earn a Globe by hosting someone who has one for a non-reciprocal or hospitality stay. You can search for people who accept them (but not people who HAVE them unless people have chosen to show that they have one) using filters. You also receive a Globe when you join People Like Us as a Premium member, your Membership Globe. A Membership Globe has to be unlocked before it can be used, by hosting another member at your place for 5 nights or more. This can be over more than one exchange, and can be any type of exchange too - you can stay at theirs at the same time. The only stipulation is that someone stays at your place for at least 5 nights. Instead of using a Globe, the other alternative is to offer an open-ended non-simultaneous exchange i.e. offer that the other member visits your home at some point in the future. A lot of people 'bank an exchange in this way.

No, definitely not. Globes cannot be purchased.

Globes are worth a stay. The duration of the stay are worked out between you and your exchange partner.

A Globe is worth one stay. It is not possible to transfer more than one Globe for a stay.

No, there is no rating of homes on People Like Us.

No. There's really no difference with Globes in this respect. After assessing the offer and talking to the other member, you should make your own choice about whether or not to accept it.

Yes. If you don't want to use Globes, there is an option on your membership profile. If you take this option, you will not see any information about Globes, not see the options, nor be made offers for them.

Globes don't expire while ever you maintain a Premium membership.

Yes, absolutely. It doesn't matter which home was used to receive the Globe; it is attached to your membership and can be used with either home.

While PLU uses Globes to facilitate non-reciprocal exchanges, the website mostly promotes reciprocal exchange, either simultaneous or non-simultaneous. The number of Globes in the system is kept in balance to ensure that reciprocal exchanges are most commonly used but also to ensure that the value of a Globe is retained through scarcity. Globes can be earned by hosting a member who has one. If the person wanting to stay does not have one, consider instead offering an open-ended non-simultaneous exchange and stay at their place in future.

On the main menu under Exchanging / Globes. They're also shown at the bottom of your membership profile.

Yes you can, by hosting Premium members. You must be Premium to use Globes, but you can earn them while you're still Trialling the system. They will become active when you become Premium.

The Globe is transferred immediately when the exchange is finalised.