Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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If you're going on a big trip that has more than one exchange, use the People Like Us trip builder. You can get to it from the main navigation menu: A trip is a linked sequence of exchanges. You can set up a trip and name it, add exchanges to it and even add saved searches for a part of the trip you're trying to fill with an exchange. In future, you'll also be able to add flights, train trips and activities so that you can keep all of your trip info in the one place.

Start by creating a trip, naming it, adding dates and information about the people who will be travelling. Add any exchanges that you have already proposed or which have been accepted. Fill the gaps by saving searches. You can then run the search to see what homes satisfy the criteria that you've set.

Click the Add search button at the bottom of the page and add search criteria, just like if you were searching for homes using the Filters page. They're all the same filters. Then save and run. Simple!