The most important part of People Like Us is our community. It's what makes us "People Like Us". See what hundreds of our members have had to say about PLU and our community.

This platform is great for connecting people interested in circular economy & enjoying new places without spending a fortune.

Jacquelyn, Member Since September 2019

Joined this site to expand our home exchange options, expecting the normal impersonal interaction with other exchangees and invisibility to site administrators. Found instead, a community who are dedicated to principles of friendship and respect, and an administration team whose motivation is not commercial, but genuine interest in, and concern for, the satisfaction of members. I cannot recommend this site highly enough.

David and Sheree, Member Since October 2018

L'échange de maison est une formidable façon de voyager, à la fois très confortable et très proche des gens. PLU est une communauté de personnes avec les mêmes valeurs de partage de respect et d'envie de voyager et de découvrir !

Mélanie et Johann, Member Since February 2020

Great new home exchange program. Built on trust and integrity. Although in the growing stages, very active members and excellent support information. We have been exchanging for over 20 years and are excited to be a member of PLU. It’s the best option out there for people who are really interested in exchanging homes with other like minded, trustworthy and engaged members.

Jennifer, Member Since January 2019

There is no question the People Like Us is the premier home exchange website. A lovely group of people all aiming for the same result.

Paul, Member Since March 2019

PLU is a unique home exchange website. It is run very much along community lines, with a Facebook page for members, as well as a website that is constantly evolving and is easy to use. There are loads of people posting their properties from all over the world and it's easy to chat and arrange an exchange. Our recent exchange (Sept 2019) to Italy was brilliant! At the moment it is free to join, though the utterly committed developer and owner really should start charging soon! He responds to members' queries with promptly and enthusiastically. Can't wait to fix another exchange holiday!

Jinny and Adrian, Member Since February 2019

I have just finalised my first exchange with this exchange platform. I have been in other exchange networks for years, but what I have found in trying to set up an exchange through People Like Us are that the people are REALLY friendly and have gone out of their way to try to make an exchange enquiry work. I am getting out of another house exchange network because the people treat exchanges like transactions, and I really value the personal side of the exchange and are so disappointed when this isn't reciprocated.

Darci, Member Since July 2019

People Like Us is an amazing platform with warm, open minded and hearted people. The platform is lead by a very kind man who is open to ideas and really listens to the platform users. Therefore it is more like a community than a basic platform. We have had several exchanges through People Like Us who have all been wonderful. We have made friends for life here and I am very glad to be a part of this great platform. I would recommended it anyone!

Lisette, Member Since February 2019