The most important part of People Like Us is our community. It's what makes us "People Like Us". See what hundreds of our members have had to say about PLU and our community.

We decided after a change of life circumstances to travel differently than we had travelled before and plunged in to the world of home exchanging. We joined two sites in January 2019 and quickly discovered that People Like Us was filled with people like us.....vibrant, kind, generous, trustworthy and passionate about travel people. We listed our home on the website and quickly joined the Facebook site of the same name which is wonderful for inspiration, friendship and information. We had 10 exchanges planned for two seperate three month trips for 2020 🙄 to Europe and the US/Canada and our first guests were to arrive early 2020.....I am now officially addicted and delighted! All of this through PLU! I’m so happy I accidentally found this home exchange, it embodies the true spirit of home exchange and is opening my mind to a million different travel possibilities .... post Covid19!

Joy and Lisa, Member Since January 2019

What a fabulous home exchange platform this is! I am very much looking forward to going on my first exchanges this year and more planned for next year. The friendly inclusive platform created originally by Drew Seitam, and supported wholeheartedly by its members, is testament to how supportive positive communities can evolve and thrive. I would not hesitate to recommend People Like Us and look very much forward to many wonderful home exchange experiences ahead.

Jane, Member Since February 2019

Great new home exchange program. Built on trust and integrity. Although in the growing stages, very active members and excellent support information. We have been exchanging for over 20 years and are excited to be a member of PLU. It’s the best option out there for people who are really interested in exchanging homes with other like minded, trustworthy and engaged members.

Jennifer, Member Since January 2019

Just completed our first exchange and we are hooked! I had looked into it for years but never felt fully comfortable until connecting with members on PLU. We were excited to become Founding members as soon as the option was available! Its money well spent! We already recouped the expense of the 3 yr membership with our one exchange! We could have not found a hotel room for the night for what we spent. We are so thankful to Drew and all the wonderful people who have built this special community!

Donna and Scott, Member Since September 2019

A Homeexchange site with a soul. We will never travel differently again. We exchange our house since a long time and are so very happy to have found People like Us community and his founder Drew to be able to continue exchanging and meeting beautifully people.

Delphine, Member Since July 2018

People Like Us is a warm, welcoming community. In it we have found kindred spirits who view the world with the same enthusiasm and curiosity as we do. We have opened our front door and found the whole world waiting on the other side. It's an absolute joy! One thing we've found here that we don't have on our other exchange site: a vibrant Facebook community. It feels such a privilege to be connected to so many people who also have what we call 'an exchanger's heart', people who understand what is at the core of swapping homes: a genuine desire to travel, share and grow. As Susan Sontag once said, "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."

Barbara and Glenn, Member Since May 2019

We have been home exchanging for almost 20 years and have belonged to two other organisations both which we have had some great exchanges through. However, neither offered the community and personal touches which Drew Seitam does on People Like Us. The community he has created is unique and I am so delighted to have arranged my first exchange though PLU. I know this is going to be one of the best and one of many exchanges through PLU.

Diane, Member Since January 2019

Love, love, love this site and all the people on it! We have our first exchange planned in a couple months, and I look forward to many more!

Mark and Carrie, Member Since May 2019