• Kristin

    I believe that People Like Us is by far the best home exchange platform out there. The PLU members are the friendliest and most welcoming group of exchangers and the founder, Drew, has done an excellent job of creating an outstanding website and giving life to this beautiful world-wide community of people like us!!

  • Núria

    PLU has returned us our faith in home exchanging. Drew and his platform embody everything we value in home exchanging: closeness, familiarity, trust... Besides that the response time to any issue is astonishing, and Drew is open to hear our opinions when he introduces any change (however small). He has given us the sense of belonging to this huge adventure and this is just awesome.

  • Nicole

    I have been a part of this community for a little over a year now and my, how I love it! The people in the community are what make it so fantastic. It’s like a huge family, where all of us can share our experiences and accomplishments with one another and support each other during downfalls. When my home was facing a category 5 hurricane, I had over a dozen people offer their homes to me and my family. I love hearing about the adventures of other exchangers and gathering ideas and connecting with one another. This site has given thousands of people all over the world, a home away from home(or maybe even a few). What an amazing community!

  • Brett

    PLU has the most welcoming and friendly people. As someone new to home exchanging, I was a bit nervous about how it all works, but it's been a terrific experience. The site owner is also very involved and responsive to issues/questions/requests that come up, which is so helpful. If you're on the fence about home exchanging, or joining PLU, take the leap!

  • Anna

    This home Exchange Community is truly Amazing! Such friendly founder and all the other community members are so eager to help out with any questions or problems you might have. I encourage my friends to join in and I am so excited about my two booked Exchanges for Nice and Mexico!

  • Joan

    I joined People Like Us in January 2019 and have been so impressed. I have a total of 8 exchanges in place over the next couple of years so even though the site is currently small compared to others, it works! The Facebook group of the same name is an invaluable asset too. It is a very active and friendly group and so makes it easy to form connections, which leads to even more exchange possibilities. The owner is very involved and proactive, always listens to ideas and suggestions and will act on them very quickly if they are of benefit to the site. A great experience on a wonderful platform. Can’t recommend it highly enough. .

  • Frances

    Site is very easy to use, clear instructions are given about what to do to propose and finalise exchanges. There is a sister Facebook group that is very well managed with lots of people to help answer enquiries.

  • Pim

    Good platform to use to arrange exchanges. Simple and comprehensive. Facilitated communication easily and the instructions etc are clear. Recommended.

  • Solange

    La communauté PLU est vraiment formidable : elle fait preuve de bienveillance, d'humour, de générosité (il y a beaucoup d'entre aide spontanée lorsqu'un membre est en difficulté)... tout cela sous l’œil attentif et amical du créateur du site Drew. Quelle chance de pouvoir faire partie de cette belle "famille" d'échangeurs !

  • Kim

    I accidentally stumbled onto People Like Us through Facebook and decided to find out what this group was about. Though we are avid travellers the concept of home exchange was new to us. From reading the warm and friendly posts on Facebook this gave us confidence to become involved with excellent timing as we were about to embark on an epic 3 month trip through Europe. Thanks to PLU we were able to successfully engage in 3 exchanges in Croatia, Sweden and Denmark, with our Croatian hosts actually arriving in our Sydney home tomorrow night to complete the exchange! The community in PLU is full of friendship, generosity, kindness, trust and respect and I feel so grateful to be part of this amazing community. I highly recommend other like minded people to share in this amazing journey - it is truly the best way to travel!

  • Ivan

    I love the community and the sense of trust. This is the perfect place for those of us that believe there are good people in the world that also enjoy traveling and experiencing other people's cultures.

  • Hélène

    Site très sympa, pour fair des échanges de maison en toute simplicité ! -- Very nice site, to make house exchanges with ease!

  • Judy

    I find this group to be so friendly and helpful offering such wonderful exchanges around the world. It's a terrific way to travel and meet wonderful new friends as well!

  • Malin

    People Like Us is so much more than just an exchange platform - it’s a community. Not only have we found exciting exchange destinations and fantastic homes and locations, but also made new friends across the globe. And we constantly learn more about other countries, customs, local food, handcraft, languages and so much more through the lively Facebook feed. It has given an international touch to our everyday life!

  • Gary

    We have organised our first exchange through PLU. The exchange has been accepted and our globe has been transferred. We have made arrangements to receive the key to the apartment. So far, so good. Painless.

  • Lionnel

    I recommend PLU !!👍 Thanks a lot Drew.

  • Katja

    I am new to home exchange. As newbies, we've felt welcomed and taken care of by the wonderful community that is PLU. We already got two exchanges organized with wonderful families and so looking forward to traveling more this new way.

  • Jacquelyn

    This platform is great for connecting people interested in circular economy & enjoying new places without spending a fortune.

  • Lois

    New site with old philosophy of exchange. we have added this site to our exchange options and have only had good experiences of communication so far. Our first exchange is in process now as a non-simultaneous exchange and we look forward to completing it next year. Everyone so far has been friendly and open in their communication. We will not renew our listings on one old site and lo replace it with People Like Us.

  • Andy

    Our family just completed a non-simultaneous with a family in New York. People Like Us has attracted such great like minded families. The site is so easy to use and if you have a suggestion to make the site better, Drew really listens to your suggestions and implements them when possible. Great site, friendly Facebook group. Don't hesitate to join today.

  • Kristy

    We have been home exchanging as our primary form of travel for the past few years. PLU is the most trust-worthy, supportive and valued site, by far. We are thrilled with the variety of members around the globe and by the personal support provided when needed.

  • Magnhild

    A beautiful community!

  • Kira

    People Like Us is making it possible for my family to spend the month of July in Denmark this year. It is very easy to get your house posted on the site with all the needed information. The site also has a great search tool to help you narrow down your search and help you find families to possibly exchange with. Making and excepting a proposal through the site was easy as well. It’s all very clear and laid out nicely. We are so glad we found this site and can’t wait to start exploring the world!

  • Tracey

    We have been registered with People like us Home exchange for just over a month and already have organised our first successful exchange. Looking forward to seeing the world from the comfort of a new friend's home.

  • Kirsten

    People like Us is a great platform for home exchange.

  • daniela

    Excellent site ! I recommend 100 % !

  • ju

    With PLU it has been like living within a big family. Lovely!

  • Martina

    I have been on other house-swap platforms before, but People Like Us is different. It's a real community of like minded people that know what exchanging means. The Facebook page where people exchange (freely, no censorship) tips, experiences and look for swaps is really a plus. And the technology, thanks to the owner, Drew Seitam, is working, user friendly and improving, in perpetual collaboration with the members (Drew really takes our suggestions into consideration). The platform is smaller then others, for sure, but I found it easier to find swaps here because people really try to make it work when they can. Highly recommended.

  • Lora

    Awesome community, awesome homes! I can't wait to see how it will grow in the future. I have done 3 exchanges via People like us so far and they have been great and very positive experiences. Keep up the good work!

  • Sandra

    PLU is as much a global family as it is a home exchange site. Other members feel like friends, especially the ones we have exchanged with. Members care about each other's welfare and we even have a Secret Santa at Christmas!

  • Janine Ruth

    I just schedule my first exchange and found it a very easy process.

  • Kirsty

    A life changing website! Amazing community and opportunities. People Like Us has changed the way my family travels, and introduced me to lifelong friends. The globe system is a favourite feature of mine. Highly recommend!

  • Maria

    Very nice and trustworthy platform. Great personal approach by the owner and creator. Members seem very dedicated to the true spirit of home exchanging.

  • Ginger

    Kindest community in the world! Excited to be a part of such a great group.

  • Samual

    This is our favourite home exchange site. We have been a member of 5 other sites over time but PLU is the site we refer people to when they ask us about home exchanging.

  • Anna-Lena

    Best échange site ever. I have met so many nice people that I never would have met if it’s wasn’t for People Like Us. I can highly recommend this site.

  • Jose

    Yay first exchange ! I just organised my first exchange with PLU and it couldn’t have been easier. Started the process yesterday and all confirmed today!!

  • Ruud

    PLU is the home exchange site with a great community feeling. This is home-exchanging in it's purest way. Home exchanging is about trust and PLU provides and deserves it.

  • Jakob

    Meget venligt og velfungerende system. -- Very friendly and well-functioning system.

  • Sylvana, Richard, Merijn & Livia

    Great home exchange site, nice community, great owner, clear and well working platform growing in members. Highly recommended to join.

  • Jennifer

    People Like Us worked for us! We had a lot of discourse between our exchange partners and were aided by Drew, the owner, on how to finally write a proposal that would please both of us. We are participating in three home exchanges from Provence to Croatia and love People Like Us!

  • Ryan

    We have had great experiences with 2 exchanges so far on People Like Us. It seems to have a very active and friendly community and the website is pretty easy to use. This was our first experience with home exchanging so I can't compare to some of the other sites out there but I would highly recommend PLU.

  • Veronica

    People Like Us has quickly become my favorite home exchange site and online community. The site is so easy to navigate and I’m 100% happy with everything it has to offer. It is easy to get in touch with all the friendly members. The response rate on exchange propose really is excellent in comparison to what I have experienced before. We have already completed one exchange and have two more lined up. I love chatting with my fellow PLU’s in the Facebook discussion group and think that Drew Seitam, the founder and owner of this website, has done a terrific job so far!

  • Nichola

    This is the perfect home exchange site, especially for new home swappers who may be nervous about joining the home swap community. It provides all the information and advice you need and links you up with the friendliest home swap community out there waiting to answer any questions and give you a very warm welcome. We have had an excellent exchange through this site and have just finalised another. We look forward to many more adventures through PLU.

  • Natalia

    We are new to home exchanging and we met here many wonderful and kind people. Last year we did cat-sitting exchange with a lovely family in Hamburg which was a life saver during covid times. We can't wait for more exchanges in the future!

  • Carmen

    I´m an active member of People Like Us since January 2019. I love being part of this community of homeexchangers. It´s a community that is growing every day that I feel I can trust made up by newbies and experienced exchangers. We all learn new things everyday and exchange information about our experiences through their very active Facebook page. Join is! You won´t regret it.

  • Judith

    This is truly the most wonderful platform to exchange homes! We exchange since many years and find that the people and homes here, are just the nicest you can imagine. Especially, if you are an experienced exchanger, you can feel that the "real home exchange spirit" is alive here - with people sharing not only their homes, but also their friendliness and outstanding helpfulness. Love this "place" and can only highly recommend to be part of this extraordinary community.

  • Joy and Andrew

    Fabulous site. Currently growing but with a large number of homes that makes it worthwhile joining now. I love the friendly vibe and really like that it has an active FB group that delivers some accountability and a real community vibe! Sign up! You won't regret it!

  • Joanne

    Fantastic site, members give you ideas of places to visit that you haven’t even considered. Drew has listened to his members to improve the site to what it is today. I have managed to finalise 2 swaps to areas I’ve been trying to exchange to for 5 years. Thank you! & keep up the fantastic work.

  • Marie-Amélie

    Plus qu'un site, People Like Us cache une véritable communauté bienveillante, curieuse et ouverte! -- More than a site, People Like Us hides a real benevolent, curious and open community!

  • Laura & Martial

    We already love the new PLU because it is the most friendly community in the world. Being French we haven't been able to exchange yet because of Covid but hope to travel again soon!

  • Alison

    So glad we found this website to begin our home exchange journey. The website is great and there are so many homes to look at, it is a really friendly community of home exchange partners.

  • Mirka

    Old school home exchange, many friendly exchangers, beautiful homes. Very recommended!

  • Mark and Carrie

    Love, love, love this site and all the people on it! We have our first exchange planned in a couple months, and I look forward to many more!

  • Judith and Tim

    While we are experienced home exchangers, this is our first exchange finalized on the People Like Us platform. We have been members for about two years and love both the website and the community behind it. The website is intuitive to use and offers all of the facts and photos you need to make an informed decision. This community is made up of kind and welcoming people who are serious about home exchanging and willing to put their own properties out there. The site owner solicits feedback from members before making any major changes that would have an impact on the community. We love exchanging here, and it is the only site on which we feel enough trust and confidence to exchange.

  • David

    Great website. Thanks Drew! People on here are really like minded. It works and the general human kindness shines through from the set up of the site and the people that share their homes on it. Right now writing from a beautiful houseboat located in the southern part of the Netherlands. Great hosts!

  • Rene

    I have always wanted to home exchange and my husband was always reluctant. Then I found “People Like Us”. It is a community of people that are just like me! Adventurous, generous, flexible and eager to travel. I planned a trip to Ireland which I am on right now. Three separate exchanges traveling the Irish countryside. My trip and PLU have far exceeded my expectations. Bravo PLU!

  • Cathy

    We've just agreed our first two exchanges with PLU and couldn't be happier with the whole experience!

  • Tobias

    Great support, wonderful community, very friendly vibe. »Back to the roots« internet platform, where it's about true community and not about stealing your data and pleasing the shareholders. Great experience.

  • Pat

    People Like Us is a friendly community led by the irrepressible Drew Seitam who really listens to the community and has developed the platform in a way that reflects the ethos of true home exchanges -- respect and trust.

  • Amy

    Extremely happy with the website People Like US for home exchanging. The members are truly caring and the founder is hands on and listens to the members. IT is a great way to meet people as well! Highly recommend.

  • Nina & Torsten

    Eine wirklich phantastische Tauschplattform! -- A really fantastic exchange platform!

  • Mélody

    J'ai découvert ce concept d'échange de maison sur PLU. J'ai pu faire un seul échange, avant la période COVID. Celui-ci s'est extrêmement bien passé. J'espère bien pouvoir renouveler l'expérience au plus vite !

  • Marjon

    Geweldige website. We kijken er naar uit om de eerste ruil via dit platform te organiseren.

  • Catherine and Eric

    Amazingly well run website, fantastic feedback and help from the moderator(s) super friendly community! Only positive things to say!

  • Rocío

    Wonderful community and well managed by Drew Seitam, who listens at the members and take care of their needs.

  • Hilde

    We find the People like Us platform very pleasant to work with. It gives us peace of mind that you can choose to make all information only accessible to members. This dynamic platform is open to suggestions for improvement and we find it a joy to experience that the site is constantly being refined. All the members give a lot of friendship through the facebook group. We are very confident that the first home exchange that we have arranged with PLU will be a success.

  • Kit

    I had a first experience of home exchange with People like us... and it was a great experience and will continue usage . Easy communications, easy to search for homes and participants very warm, quick to response . Our host had local transport maps arranged for us The home was exactly as posted in the website. Our exchange home was a Croatian home in Zagreb, we stayed almost 2 weeks and a great cultural experience staying in Zagreb and went walking round the city to experience local culture and atmosphere Our host even helped is with a tour contact to go sightseeing in Plitvitz Lakes Highly recommended to use People like us services, ethical,effective communications, empathy, courtesy with homes established in many countries We are already looking forward to our next exchange! 😊

  • Corinna Maria

    People Like Us Home Exchange is the best home exchange community online. There is a dedicated founder and his team which provide a vivid, trustful community of home owners who are willing to give you the best holiday experience ever. We have exchanged with the help of other companies, but this company is far outstanding in their service. Privacy settings are excellent and questions are met in no time. We can highly recommend this company!

  • Karina

    Lots of wonderful homes listed, and a good and effective page, easy to search for homes and write to members. Very helpful Facebook page associated, with very friendly and kind members, who are eager to help in any way. Highly recommended Swap site!

  • Klaas

    We -experienced exchangers- joined People Like Us earlier this year and we have not regretted that step for one second. It really is the best exchange site on this planet. It’s members are kind, friendly, passionate, hospitable and always ready to step in with suggestions, help and advice. Drew Seitam, the owner and founder, really listens to the members and is creating a platform that everybody is comfortable with. He does a marvelous job. I more than strongly recommend joining PLU and start the art of exchanging.

  • Dorte

    We have been exchanging homes for years and have had numerous wonderful experiences. To us home exchange offers the best of two worlds: Visiting new places combined with the cosiness of a real home instead of a hotel. We have visited areas that are less touristic and some of those are among our best holiday experiences.

  • Mandy & Kai

    Really nice platform to exchange with other people and familys. It's easy to fix a home! It's definitely the best thing to travel around the world !

  • Christine

    Fantastic home exchange group. Owners listens to the views of his members before instigating any alterations to the membership rules and options. Friendly , trustworthy group. Associate Facebook page, has members who are happy to help, and offer advice. Great community feel.

  • Marimar

    After having been on another home exchange website for a number of years, I signed up to People Like us earlier this year looking for a more active community. The first thing it hit me was how friendly the community was and how everyone seemed to understand the concept behind home exchange. It is not seen as free accommodation but as a community where you give something and get something in return; what that something is, it's up to the home exchange counterparts! From my experience, on other websites they keep member numbers up even if they haven't been active for a long time (which makes it difficult to arrange an actual exchange as you keep wasting your time sending messages which won't be answered), whereas on PLU all members are actually willing to exchange making arranging a trip much easier and offering a lot of options. I signed up and I had my first two exchanges arranged within the first two months! The best home exchange website for me from all points of view!

  • Diane

    We have been home exchanging for over 15 years and have belonged to two other organisations both which we have had some great exchanges through. However, neither offered the community and personal touches which Drew Seitam does on People Like Us. The community he has created is unique and I am so delighted to have arranged my first exchange though PLU. I know this is going to be one of the best and one of many exchanges through PLU.

  • Bjarne & Maria

    We have been exchanging for years, but first time we have arranged and exchange through the PLU website. Everything went smoothly, and navigation on the website is easy and without complications.

  • Bonnie and Graham

    We’ve been home exchanging for 15 years, and have been members of several sites. When People Like Us started up, we were ready to try something new. What a pleasant surprise to find a friendly and active Facebook group, and a user-friendly website with a rapidly expanding range of homes for exchange. Within a few weeks of joining, we had arranged our first exchange, and more have followed. Everything has gone smoothly with our exchanges, and the support network on the Facebook group is amazing. The website has all the features we need to find our perfect exchange opportunities, with a few extra fun features as well. For new starters on home exchange, and for experienced swappers, People Like Us is the place to be!

  • Delphine

    A Homeexchange site with a soul. We will never travel differently again. We exchange our house since a long time and are so very happy to have found People like Us community and his founder Drew to be able to continue exchanging and meeting beautifully people.

  • Bee and Derek

    People Like Us is a very special home exchange site. The owner, Drew Seitam, is an absolute gem; incredibly helpful, friendly and patient. The site seems to attract the cream of active home exchangers who understand that communication and a courteous approach to other members is the way to go. A comprehensive guide is included on the site, explaining to both newcomers and "old" hands how to put together listings which will be attractive to others. We've been exchanging for 19 years, are most impressed with PLU and have just organised a fabulous swap in the South of France through the site. So if you've been thinking about trying home exchanging, don't hesitate, take the plunge and join People Like Us.

  • Jeanne

    We definitely prefer the PLU platform to the other platform we have used in the past, and it is wonderful that Drew is so accessible to help with questions! We are glad to be involved! We have hosted one PLU family and have stayed at the homes of 3 PLU families and have had great success! The people involved with this website really care!

  • Lone

    I love PLU :-) I first learned about the PLU community around New Years 2018/19 when I came across the Facebook group. I followed the communication there for some weeks and felt it was just what I had been looking for being a big fan of the original home exchanging spirit. I signed up January 2019 and listed my home and within 10 days I had organized my first exchange with an English family, that I had already "talked" to via the FB group. And since that January I've had several offers from all over the world and have organized different kind of exchanges - simultanious, non-sim and hospitality. This is by all means a site and community where people take ownership in the best possibel sense and there is always a great tone when people communicate both "behind the scenes" as well as in the FB group. Also an amazing willingness to help out each other if/when people reach out no matter what the issue is. I can only give my highest and best recommendations to PLU - join us!

  • Kim

    People like us have been a dream to deal with Very nice people and a wonderful creative team!

  • Ed

    The website is constantly upgraded with added features and functionality to make it more user-friendly. The site seems to be a labor of love for the management.

  • Katherine

    We have recommended PLU to a few people who have joined and are active on the fb page . We tell them it’s the best home exchange group and to come and join us and see for themselves.

  • Eileen

    People Like Us is more than a home exchange...it's a FAMILY of like minded people who want to experience the world.

  • Estela

    Such a well run exchange platform full of positive vibes. Drew is always improving things and really listens to the needs of users.

  • Pete

    PLU is an incredibly well put together website and FB Page which delivers Responses to queries are super fast, friendly and non corporate I'm happy to recommend PLU to anyone who will listen! :)

  • Debbie

    We joined the site in 2019 and quickly organised our first swap with another dog-friendly household.The website is easy to use ( well done Drew) and everyone seems friendly and welcoming. No experience with other sites but this ticks all our boxes so far. We are looking forward to travelling further afield and can't wait for our rescheduled exchanges in Canada and France. Hoping to earn a Globe this year by offering our home when we are on a non-exchange staycation. We love it!

  • Barrie

    People Like Us (PLU) is the world's friendliest home exchange platform. Started by Drew in Australia, this community has grown larger and better with every member. I have used two other home exchange platforms and completed more than 27 exchanges. PLU is the easiest and best group of human beings to be associated with. With other platforms I might need to send 20-30 messages to pin down an exchange, but with PLU I am getting 100% responses. If you are considering living like a local, letting other humans put their heads on your pillow, and are actively interested in going places in your life, the PLU community might be right for you.

  • Marisse

    Good site with great people on it! This is still a smaller comunite to swap your house, because of that it feels more personal :)

  • Cathy

    This is a fabulous site to find for someone who loves to travel, can show trust and hospitality, and who wants their travel to be about more than seeing things through a tourist’s eyes. The concept is simple, but the details can be complex, and the site has been constructed to ease members through the process of identifying potential swaps, negotiating how and when it might happen, and planning ahead on the practicalities. Better still, the site owner has built a community of interesting and interested people, welcoming sharing of ideas - and later - the experiences gained through home exchanging. I’m very happy to have found this site - and this group of people - and hope to have years of swapping ahead.

  • Melinda

    Great service and community

  • Anne-Julie

    Very friendly and easy to share our house with another family over the world. -- Un site vraiment convivial et chaleureux pour partager notre maison avec une autre famille partout dans le monde

  • Marc & Elena

    Nous avons effectué plus de 40 échanges au travers de différentes plateformes spécialisées et affirmons que People Like Us, non seulement est un outil extrêmement efficace pour choisir des partenaires dans pratiquement tous les pays du monde, mais People Like Us est aussi une Communauté de personnes qui ont en commun le même sens du partage et de l'amitié. Nous vous invitons à nous rejoindre au sein de cette merveilleuse communauté et de goûter au plaisir de l'échange. Marc & Elena (Espagne)

  • Korallynn

    I love it so far!

  • Padraig

    I've been swapping homes for quite a few years now and it has become for me the only way to travel (I've done over 40 to date). The financial advantages are obvious but there are so many other reasons why it really is the best way to experience another country, another city, another culture. Staying in someone's home, in their community, is a very enriching experience. I can honestly say the 'community' which People Like Us has gathered is a friendly, honest and trustworthy one. I find the members to be like-minded people who just want to share their homes in return for a stay in mine. It's a simple, easy, win-win exchange.

  • Jelena

    Super simple, user-friendly experience.

  • Ana

    Great site based on trust and respect. A perfect way to enjoy your holidays.

  • Dan

    Perfect!! Wonderful way and perfect style to discover the world!!