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We just completed our first home exchange ever! My mother-in-law lives in the house we have up for exchange and she is somewhat particular. Prepping for the (non-reciprocal) exchange itself was a bit anxiety inducing, but it went smoothly overall. Our guests left the house in immaculate shape and even left us a sweet parting gift/note. My mother-in-law was thoroughly impressed with our guests and this whole "new-to-us" concept. Looking forward to doing this again and meeting new friends along the way.

Esther, Member Since November 2019

I love PLU ! It’s soooo much more then “free” exchanging homes… it’s a growing community that likes to add the crème fresh and cherry on top of the cake :-) People here reach out immediately if someone is asking for help being stranded somewhere (aka FB) I never ever see this at other platforms. Although being a rather smaller group , people actually answer when you send a request. Sometimes they forget but this happens rather rare. And then after a while I got the answer back with a bunch of appologies . I would recommend to start from the beginning with 3 years membership , you will receive a globe to “pay” for a destination that the other party would never come to your place. It cost only the price of a decent hotel in a major city. Even if you don’t want to put effort in it at all, you will find at least one place for a stay and still get your money value back . My advice : start sending requests , open up for people and let karma kicks in!

Claudine and Paul, Member Since February 2022

The most welcoming home exchange site that I am a member of. Great community.

Karen, Member Since March 2019

Discovering PLU has been such a wonderful experience for us. We love the community and exchanging has completely changed the way we think about travelling. With two small children and being restricted to school holidays, travel was previously so expensive and frustrating. We love arriving at a new exchange with all the home comforts and being able to explore somewhere new. We would urge anyone on the fence to jump right in, you won’t regret it.

Sarah, Member Since February 2021

We love being part of this caring and friendly community. Travelling to beautiful places and connecting with other PLU's, has been an incredible experience. Love Meet - ups! Our holidays are even more memorable since joining this fantastic exchange group.

Dora, Member Since February 2019

Exchanging on PLU is like a different “high!” Some people like chocolate, some like desserts, some like wine…we LOVE to travel and share our home with others! PLU has made this a very warm community where we start with strangers and leave every exchange as friends. When we get a “yes” to a proposal, we are beyond elated and SO excited for the trip ahead!

Ghazal, Member Since May 2021

People Like Us is like belonging to an exclusive but friendly club. Drew, who created the website, is amazingly available for any help and advice, as is his team. Other members always seem to respond quickly and positively, even if they can't manage the exchange you might have in mind, they'll almost always try to help. Basically, it's for 'people like us' - adventurous, warm, outgoing travellers who like other people and are inclined to trust them. It's not for everyone, but if you like the idea of something new, something different and the chance to meet other like minded friends it's for you.

Sandra, Member Since March 2019

Once you try it, you won't be able to get enough! Membership should come with a "highly addictive" warning :)

Jelena, Member Since October 2019