The most important part of People Like Us is our community. It's what makes us "People Like Us". See what hundreds of our members have had to say about PLU and our community.

The process in organizing an exchange was great for us! This was our first exchange and we were very pleased to have had the opportunity to participate.

Allison & Brian, Member Since May 2019

People Like Us Home Exchange is the best home exchange community online. There is a dedicated founder and his team which provide a vivid, trustful community of home owners who are willing to give you the best holiday experience ever. We have exchanged with the help of other companies, but this company is far outstanding in their service. Privacy settings are excellent and questions are met in no time. We can highly recommend this company!

Corinna Maria, Member Since December 2018

I've never really been a "joiner" (like Groucho Marx said, "I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.") but PLU changed that. After serendipitously coming across their Facebook page and joining just to see what it was, I loved these people! Adventurous, trusting, fun, and friendly, they were the people I followed during Covid. When Drew (who I feel like I know personally) created a way to officially join, I joined--and I'm so glad I did!

Laura, Member Since March 2021

Kindest community in the world! Excited to be a part of such a great group.

Ginger, Member Since January 2020

We had exchanged many times in a previous exchange program and were wildly supportive of it. When that program disintegrated, we learned of People Like Us. Wow! PLU has the benefits of the old program before the ownership change, but, in addition, has Drew, its dynamic leader. He has made a personal commitment to make this not only work financially, but work in the best interests of the members. Vicki and I are all in, both for the friendships we’ll make, and for the opportunity to share our bit of paradise with you.

James, Member Since March 2019

I’m new to the platform but I’ve only had positive experiences so far while communicating with people and exploring the website.

Eva, Member Since January 2019

A beautiful community!

Magnhild, Member Since July 2019

People Like Us is unlike any other traveling community I have ever been a part of - I feel such an innate trust for everyone on here. It's really quite incredible. Thank you, Drew, for setting the tone and remaining so engaged!

Amy, Member Since January 2020