La partie la plus importante de People Like Us est notre communauté. Notre communauté est ce qui fait de nous des "People Like Us". Découvrez ce que des centaines de nos membres ont à dire sur nous et notre communauté.

People Like Us is more than just a home swapping website - we love feeling part of a community that offers opportunities to make meaningful connections with people around the world.

Tamara, Membre depuis August 2018

Great site, great people, beautifully managed.

Peta, Membre depuis May 2019

With PLU it has been like living within a big family. Lovely!

ju, Membre depuis June 2019

We have organised our first exchange through PLU. The exchange has been accepted and our globe has been transferred. We have made arrangements to receive the key to the apartment. So far, so good. Painless.

Gary and Chris, Membre depuis May 2019

A well organised, caring community of people with a common goal - to generously share their love of their home and their life with strangers, who become friends in the process. The best part is that no monetary value is given to the different homes. The process is left entirely up to the exchangers who can then work out what is fair and appropriate, which has the interesting effect of creating such wonderful generosity. The group is efficiently moderated and regulated by tireless Drew who is responsive to the requests of his growing community. The website functions well and if a glitch should occur a quick message to Drew will get it sorted. The Facebook page is friendly and very informative.

Rebecca and Rob, Membre depuis March 2019

I am so impressed about this community and the authentic travel experiences PLU offers. Love how much thought and care that goes in to each swop and the preparations made my the hosts to make the guest stay as warm and unique as possible. I cannot wait to welcome other PLU's to our home and look very much forward to doing more exchanges

Dina, Membre depuis March 2022

We are new to home exchanging and we met here many wonderful and kind people. Last year we did cat-sitting exchange with a lovely family in Hamburg which was a life saver during covid times. We can't wait for more exchanges in the future!

Natalia & Cian, Membre depuis May 2020

Wonderful site and wonderful people! I’ve enjoyed meeting everyone on this site.

Rita, Membre depuis April 2021