La parte más importante de People Like Us es nuestra comunidad. Nuestra comunidad es lo que nos hace "People Like Us". Vea lo que cientos de nuestros miembros han dicho sobre nosotros y nuestra comunidad.

Our family just completed a non-simultaneous with a family in New York. People Like Us has attracted such great like minded families. The site is so easy to use and if you have a suggestion to make the site better, Drew really listens to your suggestions and implements them when possible. Great site, friendly Facebook group. Don't hesitate to join today.

Andy, Miembro desde December 2018

Kindest community in the world! Excited to be a part of such a great group.

Ginger, Miembro desde January 2020

Nous avons effectué plus de 40 échanges au travers de différentes plateformes spécialisées et affirmons que People Like Us, non seulement est un outil extrêmement efficace pour choisir des partenaires dans pratiquement tous les pays du monde, mais People Like Us est aussi une Communauté de personnes qui ont en commun le même sens du partage et de l'amitié. Nous vous invitons à nous rejoindre au sein de cette merveilleuse communauté et de goûter au plaisir de l'échange. Marc & Elena (Espagne)

Marc & Elena, Miembro desde March 2019

I love it so far!

Korallynn, Miembro desde March 2021

We have had great experiences with 3 exchanges so far on People Like Us. It seems to have a very active and friendly community and the website is pretty easy to use.

Ryan, Miembro desde June 2020

Site qui porte très bien son nom... basé sur le respect et la confiance. Je ne peux que recommander car c'est le site de mon premier merveilleux échange. Merci à Drew pour le temps qu'il passe afin de toujours améliorer ce site.

Laurence, Miembro desde August 2019

Love this group and its communitive. Everybody is friendly and helpful and so many people offers their help if somebody needs it. We have had wonderful exchanges trough this group and have found new friends for life. We recommend this group to everyone who knows are interested in home swapping. The founder Drew Seitam is doing an amazing job. The group just gets bigger and better each day.

Charlotte, Miembro desde April 2019

I've been swapping homes for quite a few years now and it has become for me the only way to travel (I've almost 50 so far). The financial advantages are obvious but there are so many other reasons why it really is the best way to experience another country, another city, another culture. Staying in someone's home -in their community- is a very enriching experience. I can honestly say the 'community' which People Like Us has gathered is a friendly, honest and trustworthy one. I find the members to be like-minded people who just want to share their homes in return for a stay in mine. It's a simple, easy, win-win exchange.

Padraig, Miembro desde December 2018