Der wichtigste Teil von People Like Us ist unsere Community. Unsere Gemeinschaft macht uns zu "People Like Us". Sehen Sie, was Hunderte unserer Mitglieder über uns und unsere Community zu sagen haben.

We joined the site in 2019 and quickly organised our first swap with another dog-friendly household.The website is easy to use ( well done Drew) and everyone seems friendly and welcoming. No experience with other sites but this ticks all our boxes so far. We are looking forward to travelling further afield and can't wait for our rescheduled exchanges in Canada and France. Hoping to earn a Globe this year by offering our home when we are on a non-exchange staycation. We love it!

Debbie, Mitglied seit October 2019

I don't often take the time to write reviews, but PEOPLE LIKE US (PLU) is awesome! The management is friendly and accessible and has cultivated a kind culture that I'm glad to be part of and I enjoy participating. I highly recommend PLU and will continue to list my homes and enjoy travel without paying lodging fees. Thank you Drew & Team PLU!

Roxanne, Mitglied seit February 2019

Site qui porte très bien son nom... basé sur le respect et la confiance. Je ne peux que recommander car c'est le site de mon premier merveilleux échange. Merci à Drew pour le temps qu'il passe afin de toujours améliorer ce site.

Laurence, Mitglied seit August 2019

People Like Us is a warm, welcoming community. In it we have found kindred spirits who view the world with the same enthusiasm and curiosity as we do. We have opened our front door and found the whole world waiting on the other side. It's an absolute joy! One thing we've found here that we don't have on our other exchange site: a vibrant Facebook community. It feels such a privilege to be connected to so many people who also have what we call 'an exchanger's heart', people who understand what is at the core of swapping homes: a genuine desire to travel, share and grow. As Susan Sontag once said, "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."

Barbara and Glenn, Mitglied seit May 2019

Perfect!! Wonderful way and perfect style to discover the world!!

Dan, Mitglied seit February 2019

Magnifique, Un site avec des gens comme nous, comme son nom indique. Inscription gratuite, deux semaines après 2 échanges pour notre voyage prévu en Australie. Excellent

Michel, Mitglied seit August 2019

Joined this site to expand our home exchange options, expecting the normal impersonal interaction with other exchangees and invisibility to site administrators. Found instead, a community who are dedicated to principles of friendship and respect, and an administration team whose motivation is not commercial, but genuine interest in, and concern for, the satisfaction of members. I cannot recommend this site highly enough.

David and Sheree, Mitglied seit October 2018

I am new to home exchange. As newbies, we've felt welcomed and taken care of by the wonderful community that is PLU. We already got two exchanges organized with wonderful families and so looking forward to traveling more this new way.

Katja, Mitglied seit April 2019