La parte più importante di People Like Us è la nostra community. La nostra comunità è ciò che ci rende "People Like Us". Guarda cosa hanno da dire su di noi e sulla nostra comunità centinaia di nostri membri.

I think PLU is amazing - and Drew is doing an exceptional job of managing this site.

Alison, Membro da June 2021

I would recommend PLU anytime. There is such a positive atmosphere among the members and a safe feeling of belonging to this “familiar” community.

Helle, Membro da January 2019

I have always wanted to home exchange and my husband was always reluctant. Then I found “People Like Us”. It is a community of people that are just like me! Adventurous, generous, flexible and eager to travel. I planned a trip to Ireland which I am on right now. Three separate exchanges traveling the Irish countryside. My trip and PLU have far exceeded my expectations. Bravo PLU!

Rene, Membro da June 2019

People Like Us is so much more than just an exchange platform - it’s a community. Not only have we found exciting exchange destinations and fantastic homes and locations, but also made new friends across the globe. And we constantly learn more about other countries, customs, local food, handcraft, languages and so much more through the lively Facebook feed. It has given an international touch to our everyday life!

Malin, Membro da March 2019

Trusting people you don't know with open access to your home could be too overwhelming for some. But, the very close bond enjoyed by PLU members, (primarily through the Facebook group and email communications), overcomes this fear by a real sense of belonging and commitment to respecting each other and our properties. The advice and encouragement shared by the group is amazing; led by the dedication of founder Drew Seitam to making it an exchange platform that meets the needs of members. I thoroughly recommend PLU to prospective home exchangers.

Sue, Membro da February 2019

People Like Us is a warm, welcoming community. In it we have found kindred spirits who view the world with the same enthusiasm and curiosity as we do. We have opened our front door and found the whole world waiting on the other side. It's an absolute joy! One thing we've found here that we don't have on our other exchange site: a vibrant Facebook community. It feels such a privilege to be connected to so many people who also have what we call 'an exchanger's heart', people who understand what is at the core of swapping homes: a genuine desire to travel, share and grow. As Susan Sontag once said, "I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list."

Barbara and Glenn, Membro da May 2019

PLU is a global family. We love sharing in the lives of so many wonderful people who truly care.

Michelle, Membro da October 2021

We have been exchanging homes for years and have had numerous wonderful experiences. To us home exchange offers the best of two worlds: Visiting new places combined with the cosiness of a real home instead of a hotel. We have visited areas that are less touristic and some of those are among our best holiday experiences.

Dorte, Membro da August 2019