La parte più importante di People Like Us è la nostra community. La nostra comunità è ciò che ci rende "People Like Us". Guarda cosa hanno da dire su di noi e sulla nostra comunità centinaia di nostri membri.

I’m not new in exchanging my home, but only few months ago I knew People Like Us. In this time I have arranged one exchange, but many people contacted us! The site is easy to use and the web Master is always working to make it easier.

Gema, Membro da June 2019

We are long time home exchangers yet have never encountered a community of like minded travellers such as PLU. Supportive, friendly, caring, giving. It’s quite the “world” we all have helped to create here at PLU! Come join us and experience travel like you’ve never travelled before.

Sheila and Mike, Membro da January 2019

PLU is such a welcoming place for finding a home exchange. Highly recommend!

Katherine, Membro da January 2019

Easy and wonderful!

Eva, Membro da December 2018

People Like Us is an amazing platform with warm, open minded and hearted people. The platform is lead by a very kind man who is open to ideas and really listens to the platform users. Therefore it is more like a community than a basic platform. We have had several exchanges through People Like Us who have all been wonderful. We have made friends for life here and I am very glad to be a part of this great platform. I would recommended it anyone!

Lisette, Membro da February 2019

After having been on another home exchange website for a number of years, I signed up to People Like us earlier this year looking for a more active community. The first thing it hit me was how friendly the community was and how everyone seemed to understand the concept behind home exchange. It is not seen as free accommodation but as a community where you give something and get something in return; what that something is, it's up to the home exchange counterparts! From my experience, on other websites they keep member numbers up even if they haven't been active for a long time (which makes it difficult to arrange an actual exchange as you keep wasting your time sending messages which won't be answered), whereas on PLU all members are actually willing to exchange making arranging a trip much easier and offering a lot of options. I signed up and I had my first two exchanges arranged within the first two months! The best home exchange website for me from all points of view!

Marimar, Membro da May 2020

People Like Us has quickly become my favorite home exchange site and online community. The site is so easy to navigate and I’m 100% happy with everything it has to offer. It is easy to get in touch with all the friendly members. The response rate on exchange propose really is excellent in comparison to what I have experienced before. We have already completed one exchange and have two more lined up. I love chatting with my fellow PLU’s in the Facebook discussion group and think that Drew Seitam, the founder and owner of this website, has done a terrific job so far!

Veronica, Membro da January 2019

We just completed our first home exchange ever! My mother-in-law lives in the house we have up for exchange and she is somewhat particular. Prepping for the (non-reciprocal) exchange itself was a bit anxiety inducing, but it went smoothly overall. Our guests left the house in immaculate shape and even left us a sweet parting gift/note. My mother-in-law was thoroughly impressed with our guests and this whole "new-to-us" concept. Looking forward to doing this again and meeting new friends along the way.

Esther, Membro da November 2019