La parte più importante di People Like Us è la nostra community. La nostra comunità è ciò che ci rende "People Like Us". Guarda cosa hanno da dire su di noi e sulla nostra comunità centinaia di nostri membri.

I think this is the best website to arrange an exchange so far. We did use many others in the past. Drew really created a perfect thing, congrats :)

Elisabetta, Membro da January 2020

J'ai découvert ce concept d'échange de maison grâce à PLU. Les 3 échanges que j'ai fait se sont extrêmement bien passés. J'aimerais pouvoir en faire tellement d'autres ! Surtout que j'ai beaucoup de demandes. Malheureusement, il me manque des jours de congé 😊

Mélody, Membro da June 2019

Drew has hit a home run in the community he has built with PLU. Great group with nice and supporting members. I look forward to swapping more frequently in the coming years.

Kristy, Membro da March 2019

People Like Us has quickly become my favorite home exchange site and online community. The site is so easy to navigate and I’m 100% happy with everything it has to offer. It is easy to get in touch with all the friendly members. The response rate on exchange propose really is excellent in comparison to what I have experienced before. We have already completed one exchange and have two more lined up. I love chatting with my fellow PLU’s in the Facebook discussion group and think that Drew Seitam, the founder and owner of this website, has done a terrific job so far!

Veronica, Membro da January 2019

I can only have nice words for People Like Us because of many different reasons: a very active, helpful, kind and enthusiastic community of people who really love exchanging; a user friendly site, growing fast and improving day after day; and last but not least of course, a founder always taking care of every member and focusing on our requests (that's a 6 stars (out of 5) regarding customer focus!!) My first People Like Us exchange took place last Easter (agreed just two weeks after I joined) and more exchanging coming soon....love exchanging with people like us.

Mayte, Membro da January 2019

Having been a long term exchanger with another site it was devastating when that site destroyed itself and I had nowhere to turn. However by chance I saw PLU and the rest is history (new). A wonderful site offering camaraderie as well as homes.

Sean, Membro da June 2019

A life changing website! Amazing community and opportunities. People Like Us has changed the way my family travels, and introduced me to lifelong friends. The globe system is a favourite feature of mine. Highly recommend!

Kirsty, Membro da May 2019

I love everything about People Like Us. Drew has done the most wonderful job in creating this group. People are friendly, kind and helpful. Houses are exciting, stories shared by new friends so nice it really feels like family.

Peita, Membro da March 2019