A parte mais importante de People Like Us é a nossa comunidade. Nossa comunidade é o que nos torna "People Like Us". Veja o que centenas de nossos membros têm a dizer sobre nós e nossa comunidade.

We have had great experiences with 3 exchanges so far on People Like Us. It seems to have a very active and friendly community and the website is pretty easy to use.

Ryan, Membro desde June 2020

Si, recomendaria la plataforma PLU porque sus miembros me dan mucha confianza, aunque todavia no he tenido la oportunidad de realizar ningun intercambio. Esperemos que suceda!! Yes, I would recommend the PLU platform because its members give me a lot of confidence, although I have not had the opportunity to make any trade yet. Let's hope it happens !!

Carmen, Membro desde July 2019

I have just received a couple of folks interested in an exchange. It seems that this site has people on it who are more committed to it, as compared to some other sites. I also get a much larger percentage of replies, instead of just being ignored.

Narda, Membro desde December 2018

PLU is our world-wide family. This is a community of friendly, open, curious, travel-devoted people who love to explore new countries and live like a local. We have met so many lovely people and are thankful that Drew Seitam created this wonderful group. Join us!

Camilla, Membro desde March 2019

It is absolutely wonderful connecting with fellow exchangers on PLU. Truly, it's the most rewarding experience. I would highly recommend "crossing over" at least a night with your exchange group. The connection and local information you learn is invaluable. What an awesome tribe:)

Ken & Leanne, Membro desde May 2019

Great support, wonderful community, very friendly vibe. »Back to the roots« internet platform, where it's about true community and not about stealing your data and pleasing the shareholders. Great experience.

Tobias & Laura, Membro desde January 2020

After having been on another home exchange website for a number of years, I signed up to People Like us earlier this year looking for a more active community. The first thing it hit me was how friendly the community was and how everyone seemed to understand the concept behind home exchange. It is not seen as free accommodation but as a community where you give something and get something in return; what that something is, it's up to the home exchange counterparts! From my experience, on other websites they keep member numbers up even if they haven't been active for a long time (which makes it difficult to arrange an actual exchange as you keep wasting your time sending messages which won't be answered), whereas on PLU all members are actually willing to exchange making arranging a trip much easier and offering a lot of options. I signed up and I had my first two exchanges arranged within the first two months! The best home exchange website for me from all points of view!

Marimar, Membro desde May 2020

Excellent site ! I recommend 100 % !

Daniela, Membro desde June 2019