A parte mais importante de People Like Us é a nossa comunidade. Nossa comunidade é o que nos torna "People Like Us". Veja o que centenas de nossos membros têm a dizer sobre nós e nossa comunidade.

Good site with great people on it! This is still a smaller comunite to swap your house, because of that it feels more personal :)

Marisse, Membro desde March 2020

The most welcoming home exchange site that I am a member of. Great community.

Karen, Membro desde March 2019

People Like Us is not an ordinary exchange platform : it's a spirit, a community and a lot of friends everywhere! We've been exchanging home for a long time now and we found again here what we were searching for in the beginning : the real "Share". Try it, you won't see your house and your holidays the same way you did before!

Alexandra et François, Membro desde January 2019

We've just agreed our first two exchanges with PLU and couldn't be happier with the whole experience!

Cathy, Membro desde February 2019

Fantastic site, members give you ideas of places to visit that you haven’t even considered. Drew has listened to his members to improve the site to what it is today. I have managed to finalise 2 swaps to areas I’ve been trying to exchange to for 5 years. Thank you! & keep up the fantastic work.

Joanne, Membro desde December 2018

People Like Us is like belonging to an exclusive but friendly club. Drew, who created the website, is amazingly available for any help and advice, as is his team. Other members always seem to respond quickly and positively, even if they can't manage the exchange you might have in mind, they'll almost always try to help. Basically, it's for 'people like us' - adventurous, warm, outgoing travellers who like other people and are inclined to trust them. It's not for everyone, but if you like the idea of something new, something different and the chance to meet other like minded friends it's for you.

Sandra, Membro desde March 2019

We decided after a change of life circumstances to travel differently than we had travelled before and plunged in to the world of home exchanging. We joined two sites in January 2019 and quickly discovered that People Like Us was filled with people like us.....vibrant, kind, generous, trustworthy and passionate about travel people. We listed our home on the website and quickly joined the Facebook site of the same name which is wonderful for inspiration, friendship and information. We had 10 exchanges planned for two seperate three month trips for 2020 🙄 to Europe and the US/Canada and our first guests were to arrive early 2020.....I am now officially addicted and delighted! All of this through PLU! I’m so happy I accidentally found this home exchange, it embodies the true spirit of home exchange and is opening my mind to a million different travel possibilities .... post Covid19!

Joy and Lisa, Membro desde January 2019

I´m an active member of People Like Us since January 2019. I love being part of this community of homeexchangers. It´s a community that is growing every day that I feel I can trust made up by newbies and experienced exchangers. We all learn new things everyday and exchange information about our experiences through their very active Facebook page. Join us! You won´t regret it.

Carmen, Membro desde January 2019