A parte mais importante de People Like Us é a nossa comunidade. Nossa comunidade é o que nos torna "People Like Us". Veja o que centenas de nossos membros têm a dizer sobre nós e nossa comunidade.

I love this group. I travel every chance I get and love finding the same community spirit of sharing.

Emily, Membro desde January 2019

Recently was browsing the updates on the website and was so happy with the great search functions, filtering and the new feature called feed. It’s brilliant and you can post and chat back and forth like on Facebook but it is exclusive to PLU members and has no extraneous ads or info you have no interest in. It’s impressive to have such a dynamic and always improving platform. So refreshing.

Dana & Don, Membro desde January 2019

L'échange de maison est une formidable façon de voyager, à la fois très confortable et très proche des gens. PLU est une communauté de personnes avec les mêmes valeurs de partage de respect et d'envie de voyager et de découvrir !

Mélanie et Johann, Membro desde February 2020

This is my first use of the Globe system and it really was so helpful in this instance. I had had an exchange offered during January on a different site. They then cancelled at short notice, due to ill health. The Globe then came into play when I saw a blog who was offering accommodation ,non reciprocal. It meant we could go ahead with our plans. Thank you!

Andrea, Membro desde May 2019

People Like Us is more than just a home swapping website - we love feeling part of a community that offers opportunities to make meaningful connections with people around the world.

Tamara, Membro desde August 2018

People Like Us is unlike any other traveling community I have ever been a part of - I feel such an innate trust for everyone on here. It's really quite incredible. Thank you, Drew, for setting the tone and remaining so engaged!

Amy, Membro desde January 2020

Totally addicted to PLU. We love this Home exchange website, we found the spirit we were dreaming of. Because of Covid our swaps have been cancelled or postponed but i know we will be able to meet all these exchange partners very soon. While waiting for better times we stay in touch in a very easy and friendly way through PLU Feed or Facebook. Go for it and enjoy !!

Corinne et Jef, Membro desde January 2019

We absolutely love PLU. It feels like a real community and that you have friends all over the world. We were just about to activate our Home Listing when corona hit and had to delete our plans. Hopefully 2022 will be the year we get to do our first PLU Home Exchange and perhaps meet other members.

Maria, Membro desde October 2019