Het belangrijkste onderdeel van People Like Us is onze community. Onze gemeenschap is wat ons "People Like Us" maakt. Bekijk wat honderden van onze leden te zeggen hebben over ons en onze gemeenschap.

Fabulous site. Currently growing but with a large number of homes that makes it worthwhile joining now. I love the friendly vibe and really like that it has an active FB group that delivers some accountability and a real community vibe! Sign up! You won't regret it!

Joy and Andrew, Lid sinds October 2018

We had exchanged many times in a previous exchange program and were wildly supportive of it. When that program disintegrated, we learned of People Like Us. Wow! PLU has the benefits of the old program before the ownership change, but, in addition, has Drew, its dynamic leader. He has made a personal commitment to make this not only work financially, but work in the best interests of the members. Vicki and I are all in, both for the friendships we’ll make, and for the opportunity to share our bit of paradise with you.

James, Lid sinds March 2019

Good platform to use to arrange exchanges. Simple and comprehensive. Facilitated communication easily and the instructions etc are clear. Recommended.

Pim, Lid sinds January 2019

This platform is great for connecting people interested in circular economy & enjoying new places without spending a fortune.

Jacquelyn, Lid sinds September 2019

Very nice and trustworthy platform. Great personal approach by the owner and creator. Members seem very dedicated to the true spirit of home exchanging.

Maria, Lid sinds May 2019

People Like Us is a Community, with a capital “C” ! The members share their love of exchanging, meeting families from around the world, making new friends and provide support to make your exchange a success!

Geraldine, Lid sinds December 2018

The website is constantly upgraded with added features and functionality to make it more user-friendly. The site seems to be a labor of love for the management.

Ed, Lid sinds December 2018

I love the community and the sense of trust. This is the perfect place for those of us that believe there are good people in the world that also enjoy traveling and experiencing other people's cultures.

Ivan, Lid sinds August 2019