Het belangrijkste onderdeel van People Like Us is onze community. Onze gemeenschap is wat ons "People Like Us" maakt. Bekijk wat honderden van onze leden te zeggen hebben over ons en onze gemeenschap.

We love the community and the sense of trust. This is the perfect place for those of us that believe there are good people in the world that also enjoy traveling and experiencing other cultures.

Ivan and Cindy, Lid sinds August 2019

Very impressed. The right kind of people with the right attitude, a system and communication that generates trust. This is the place to be for home exchanges.

Berge, Lid sinds December 2018

Just completed our first exchange and we are hooked! I had looked into it for years but never felt fully comfortable until connecting with members on PLU. We were excited to become Founding members as soon as the option was available! Its money well spent! We already recouped the expense of the 3 yr membership with our one exchange! We could have not found a hotel room for the night for what we spent. We are so thankful to Drew and all the wonderful people who have built this special community!

Donna and Scott, Lid sinds September 2019

So happy with all the features..its working as things should work.

Dirk, Lid sinds January 2019

The best home exchange site out there.

Lisa, Lid sinds May 2019

This is my first use of the Globe system and it really was so helpful in this instance. I had had an exchange offered during January on a different site. They then cancelled at short notice, due to ill health. The Globe then came into play when I saw a blog who was offering accommodation ,non reciprocal. It meant we could go ahead with our plans. Thank you!

Andrea, Lid sinds May 2019

People Like Us (PLU) is the world's friendliest home exchange platform. Started by Drew in Australia, this community has grown larger and better with every member. I have used two other home exchange platforms and completed more than 27 exchanges. PLU is the easiest and best group of human beings to be associated with. With other platforms I might need to send 20-30 messages to pin down an exchange, but with PLU I am getting 100% responses. If you are considering living like a local, letting other humans put their heads on your pillow, and are actively interested in going places in your life, the PLU community might be right for you.

Barrie, Lid sinds July 2019

I thoroughly enjoy the sense of community and the friendly folk in the Facebook group and on the website. Drew had done a great job at creating a friendly place where travel dreams can come true. There's a whole world to discover!

Jeanine, Lid sinds January 2021