Der wichtigste Teil von People Like Us ist unsere Community. Unsere Gemeinschaft macht uns zu "People Like Us". Sehen Sie, was Hunderte unserer Mitglieder über uns und unsere Community zu sagen haben.

We've just agreed our first two exchanges with PLU and couldn't be happier with the whole experience!

Cathy, Mitglied seit February 2019

A fabulous home exchange community – welcoming, openminded and supportive. The founder Drew takes excellent care of keeping the community's good vibe and is most responsive. Upcoming questions are met in no time. The site is easy to handle and – in contrast to many other homeexchange platforms – privacy settings are excellent. Come and join People Like Us!

Andrea, Mitglied seit January 2019

What a fabulous home exchange platform this is! I am very much looking forward to going on my first exchanges this year and more planned for next year. The friendly inclusive platform created originally by Drew Seitam, and supported wholeheartedly by its members, is testament to how supportive positive communities can evolve and thrive. I would not hesitate to recommend People Like Us and look very much forward to many wonderful home exchange experiences ahead.

Jane, Mitglied seit February 2019

PLU is a great home exchange site with opportunities to make friends across the world. We are from the UK and have completed an exchange with New Zealand and have had a family from Italy stay in our home. This year we hope to host families from NZ and USA. During covid, we have taken the opportunity to travel within the UK and have done, and are planning some great, more local swaps. Our experiences so far have been extremely positive. I would recommend PLU to anyone interested in travel. Not only is it a great way to travel sustainably and with less costs, it is an enjoyable way to connect with others from around the world. During covid, the PLU facebook page has come into it's own and i have treasured the connection with others. Through it i've seen pictures of wonderful places, learnt about culture, enjoyed learning about different foods etc. We have even had the opportunity to do zoom calls, one of which was a Spanish lesson! Please come and join us :)

Ali, Mitglied seit February 2019

People Like Us is a Community, with a capital “C” ! The members share their love of exchanging, meeting families from around the world, making new friends and provide support to make your exchange a success!

Geraldine, Mitglied seit December 2018

Fantastic home exchange group. Owners listens to the views of his members before instigating any alterations to the membership rules and options. Friendly , trustworthy group. Associate Facebook page, has members who are happy to help, and offer advice. Great community feel.

Christine, Mitglied seit December 2018

Everything is arranged very well and clearly on the website and there is a nice active facebook group where you can ask all your questions but also general exchange proposals. The founder of People Like Us is very enthusiastic and also very active in the fb group. It really feels like a group of new friends that I haven't all met yet. The vibe is very friendly and helpful and the experienced members help the newbees wherever possible. We have just arranged our 2nd exchange with very nice people in South Africa, how nice is that!

Annet & Theo, Mitglied seit April 2019

I think PLU is amazing - and Drew is doing an exceptional job of managing this site.

Alison, Mitglied seit June 2021