Your People Like Us Searches Just Got Better

Who has done a search in People Like Us for something like California and been a bit .. surprised … that you got more...

The Biggest Boom Area in Travel

PLU features in

Two weeks ago, I spoke to PLU...

People Like Us Partner Memberships are here!

Free for Premium Members

You may remember my little story during our Founder period about Kathy.


97% Premium Response Rate

My PLU's, I have some good news to report.

And something I'm going to ask you to do for your community!

New Privacy Options For Premium Members

New settings for Trial Members and Non-Members

My new changes for Premium Members last week had an unintende...

Over a Thousand New People Like Us Founders

Well, wasn’t that a fortnight! 😃

The end of one thing, the beginning of another.

And not so much sleep!...

One Day To Go!

Ends Tomorrow

After two exciting weeks, our Founder offer will end tomorrow.

Thank y...

A Present For Kathy

And a bonus for our Premium members!

Here’s something that happens in our house almost daily …

I see...

Our Founder Offer Ends In One Week

Don’t miss out!

We’ve had a massive first week with our Founder offer!

Over 700 of our member...

Let's Get Started!

We have so much to do!

I’ve spent the last two days with my head in a bit of a spin.

I’ve been overwh...