Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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PLU Mentors

PLU runs a Mentor program. When a new starter joins PLU, they will be offered a Mentor, an experienced Premium member of the site. Once the new starter has a Mentor allocated, they are known as a Buddy. The Buddy can ask the Mentor anything they like. Questions can be about home exchanging in general, about People Like Us in particular, or anything at all. The program exists to help people get started and to make the most out of your PLU membership.

Any new People Like Us member can request a Mentor.

At the conclusion of the Quick Start process, the final question is if you would like a Mentor. Press the button and a request will be made. If you didn't request one during the Quick Start process, you can also do so from your membership profile. Click on your photo on the menu and go to My Member Profile. Scroll to the People Like Us Buddies section and click the same button I would like a People Like Us Mentor and the request will be sent.

When you make a request for a Mentor, the next available Mentor is selected and a request is sent to them with your details. They are asked to accept or decline. If they accept, you will be sent their details, a welcome message and a button so that you can send them messages. The message will also be available in your regular messages. Your Mentor is labelled My Mentor. If they decline, the next available Mentor is chosen instead.

This could be for any reason. They may speak a different language to you. They may be too busy right now, or have something going on in their lives. Don't worry, we have lots of other Mentors available.

You'll usually have your new Mentor within 24 hours. The only time where this wouldn't be the case is if the Mentor is busy and we need to make a second request to find a new Mentor for you.

Our Mentor s are our most experienced PLU's. To be a Mentor, you need to have been a Premium member for 6 months or more and have completed an exchange on our platform.

If you are eligible to be a Mentor, there will be a section on your Member Profile. Click on your photo on the menu and go to My Member Profile. Scroll down to the People Like Us Mentors section and tick the box saying you would like to be a Mentor. Mentors are allocated in the order in which you apply so it may be a little while before you are allocated a new Buddy.