Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Think carefully before you cancel, particularly if your exchange partner has already booked their trip as a cancellation can cause financial loss and upset for the other person. If there is anything you can do to stay at a friend's place so that their exchange can still go ahead, it is better than cancelling. If you absolutely must cancel, tell the other party as early as you can and try to help them find alternative accommodation, particularly if you have local friends who are exchangers or if you can help in some other way.

If you cancel a Globe exchange, it depends on whether you gave the Globe or if you received it. If you gave the Globe to the other member and it has already gone, it will not be returned upon cancellation. If you received the Globe and you cancel, it will be returned. If it is already committed to another exchange then a different Globe will be returned. If you don't have a different one to return, a new one will be generated for the other member but you will owe the system a Globe which will be returned when you next get one.

Sometimes cancellation is unavoidable, even though it's very unfortunate. Contact the other member as sometimes they may have friends in the area who can help, or local advice to give you. Also contact our support service and we'll do whatever we can to help you. Finally, if you're on Facebook, advertise what you need in our group as you'll often find that someone may be able to help.