Why are you changing the way that Globes are distributed?

Since they were introduced, Globes have been very popular. While we still remain overwhelmingly a reciprocal exchange community, Globes have become very popular for making exchanges easier to organise. While their popularity is undeniable, we remain committed to keeping People Like Us a traditional exchange community. Our 3-year subscription has been very popular, partly because of the discount, but mostly because of the Globe that was earned for the longer commitment. We want to align Globes with our aims for our PLU community. We want our new members to experience a genuine, sharing exchange experience. We believe that is best felt from hosting another member. We're using Globes to make sure that all new members will do this first, before receiving their Globe for a non-reciprocal exchange. We have a back stop in place that if someone truly can't host in their first year but wants to remain a committed member, that their Globe will unlock on the first renewal. We feel that's fair.