A new Support System for PLU

Get help when you need it!

Today, we're launching a new support system. It's going to feel familiar as it's based on the messaging system you already know, but it's got a few new features.

Like before, you can request help from the Help menu, but I've changed the wording to a simpler Get Help

I'm calling this a Support Conversation and if you have started one with us, you'll be able to find it on the My Support Conversations menu item. 

You can also access our Frequently Asked Questions from the same place. You'll find this has recently been revamped with a new search feature too.

When you start a Support Conversation, it's very similar to before but you'll notice that we have a new message box that allows richer editing. You can use bold text, italics and underlines; you can do links to websites and change colours and, most importantly, you can include screenshots!! Like this ...

... which will help you show us what's going wrong when you need help, and allow us to help you more clearly with explanations.

There's one more change: like any support system, a Support Conversation will have a status, one of:

 - You've started a Support Conversation but no one has seen it yet.

 - One of our friendly Helpers is working with you to resolve your question.

 - Your question is resolved.

We'll resolve a Support Conversation when the question is complete but you can always reopen it if you need to, or just start a new one instead.

I hope you like it and find it useful. If you have suggestions or find any problems, start a Support Conversation! 😃

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