LGBTQIA+ Family Let's Connect!

There are so many beautiful members of our queer community all over the world. Let’s find each other - to build community and offer advice and suggestions as we explore this fabulous world. The rainbow spans our world - and PLU helps us find each other to connect, build relationships, share recommendations and strengthen our international community.

How People Like Us promotes LGBTQIA+ travel through home exchanges

As LGBTQIA+ travellers exploring new and often unknown corners of the world, we may not know if the town we are visiting has an underground LGBTQIA+ neighborhood, a new fabulous queer art collective…. OR areas that we may want to avoid. Who better to help us navigate all of that than a queer PLU member? We are all just friends who have not met yet, aren’t we? Lets help each other out as we explore this beautiful world, one exchange at a time.

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