Today is People Like Us’s 3rd birthday. 🍾🎂🥂

A year ago we were not long back from our European travels, having met lots of beautiful PLU’s in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 and France 🇫🇷.

We were also just entering a global pandemic and most of us were in our first of many lockdowns.

My thoughts this year have been with our PLU friends around the world who’ve had to endure lockdowns, sickness, distance from their families and friends, sadness and tragedy. 🌷

I really felt for our friends in Melbourne as they endured a very long lockdown.

I’ve felt fortunate though. Australia has been very lucky to be far away from the worst of the pandemic.

I continue to be thankful to our PLU’s who have rallied around and helped each other through a year when we mostly couldn’t travel. I’ve loved your stories, your messages, your photos, your hope and your spirit.

It makes me very proud of what we’ve built together here.

Amazingly, we have actually continued to grow. We have 25% more homes in our community than we had on our 2nd birthday. That’s not quite the same growth rate that we had the year before that but, all things considered, I’m happy that we’re growing!

Some of us have even still been able to travel, although mostly locally. We had a couple of short exchanges with Donna and Natalie and we were very grateful for that.

Thank you to my mods and helpers who spend a huge amount of time keeping us safe and providing the best community space we can have. You know who you are. You’re the best and I love you for it. ❤️

Thank you to everyone for your kind words, helpful suggestions and bug reports. This is truly a community effort and every contribution helps to make PLU better! 😃

Thank you more than anything to Kathy and Will.

I know I’m often not around so much and, when I am, I’m often staring off into space thinking about something PLU-related. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate your support, encouragement and belief in this project.

My dear hope is that on our 4th birthday, I’m talking about a pandemic that’s behind us. 🤞

I hope that our lives have returned to normal. I hope I’m reporting on a booming year for our PLU community.

I hope we’ll all get to travel, that we’ll be safe while we do it and we don’t have to worry about quarantines and lockdowns.

My PLU’s, Happy 3rd Birthday to us!! 🎉

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