5 TIPS before coming to Paris [France]

🚖 From the airport (CDG) the cab fare is a flat rate (53€ for the right bank - 58€ for the left bank) So there is no real interest in booking a transfer because you will often pay more. Be careful, only use official cabs by following the « Taxi » signs. Do not accept solicitations from drivers in the terminal ! 🚗 🚇 There is a lot of car traffic in Paris. Choose the subway when you want to go fast because even if you are a great driver, you will have trouble parking and the price is frightening. Count 4€ per hour in the most touristic areas. 👠👟🥾Paris is the capital of fashion. Save your stilettos for the evening restaurant and take a good pair of sneakers : it's a small city and you can visit it on foot. For example, from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame is only 5 km. 🏛🌃⛲️🏛Avoid the « Champs Elysée« on Saturday night because there are shady people (my opinion). Parisians don't like really this avenue but during the day the « Arc de Triomphe » and the walk to the magnificent « Place de la Concorde » is really interesting. 🇫🇷💋🥐💡🇫🇷drop your phone to find a restaurant or the subway and ask the people. We don't speak English well and we look rough but we like to help. And remember those words that the French always say « s'il vous plait », « bonjour » « merci » With these 3 words, you will get out of any situation

If you've read this far, you get a bonus. 😉

💄💍👗👜🍷💎 Save up to buy a French luxury product in a boutique on “Avenue Montaigne”or “Place Vendome”it can be just a lipstick or something cheap). The experience is incredible and better than in department stores ( where the prices are the same); And a product that comes from Paris is more valuable than elsewhere (even if it's the same) 🤣


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