Thank You For Your Feedback at People Like Us!

Changes to the way you view feedback on a listing

As you know, when you do a People Like Us exchange, you can leave feedback for your exchange partner.

There are two types of feedback:

  • Home feedback is about the other member’s home.
  • Guest feedback is about the other member as a guest in your home.

I’ve just made a change so that these are no longer jumbled together in the same list but now in a tabbed interface: you can see home and guest feedback separately, and you can also see feedback that the member has left for others.

Thank you to PLU Megan for the suggestion!

You can also now reply to feedback if you want to thank your exchange partner or clarify any point that may have been raised. You’ll see a “Reply” button below any feedback on your own listing, or you can also do the same by opening up the exchange where you left your feedback.

Feedback is really important to help others with their exchanges! Since I introduced reminders about missing feedback earlier in the year, the number of exchanges for which we now have feedback has tripled! If you’re getting reminders that you’re missing feedback, press the button and add it for your exchange partner. If you had to cancel the exchange due to covid, forward the notification to and I’ll cancel it for you.

Happy exchanging! ❤️

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