Your People Like Us Searches Just Got A Little Better

Direct place searching and breadcrumbs

Who has done a search in People Like Us for something like California and been a bit .. surprised … that you got more than you asked for?

Why is it showing me all those homes in neighbouring states?

I didn’t ask for that!

Annoying! 😡

But no more! 😃

Search for Hauts-de-France now, and we’ll show you just the homes in that region.

You want Florida? You can go straight there:

Better … It will show you all the “breadcrumbs” to get there:

North America > United States > Florida

And also all of the counties in Florida at the bottom of the page.

Try it out! 😀

It works for all continents, countries and regions of the world! 🌎

I’ve also added all of the countries in which we have homes to the front page with a little flag for each.

Plus, I’ve consolidated our menus so that they’re grouped a little better.

You’ll find everything to do with exchanging including your home and member profile on a new Exchanging menu. This is a pretty big change so, as always, if you see anything that’s incorrect, please let me know via Help/Support. 

I hope you like it! ❤️

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