Post Holiday Blues

Hello Everyone

Doriena and I have just returned home to Oman after a great, 7 week, exchange holiday to Perth, WA.

We left sunny Oman at 45C on July 1st and landed in Perth with 15C and rain. Now that is a culture shock to the system.

The post-holiday blues haven’t been too bad this time around because we are looking forward, and already planning, our next trip which will again be to Perth in February 2020. My daughter is starting University in Joondalup at ECU and we will be there for her 2 orientation weeks. As we are paying for her education .... “No dad, you don’t have to come help settle me in.” is not an option she has.

As I was saying, the post-holiday blues get to us all, even if we don’t like to acknowledge them. To help those of us who do feel a little down after returning home I have put a link to just one of many sites that has a few suggestions for developing coping statergies.

We are working hard on the #6 suggestion, so if anyone in Perth would like to visit Oman in February, a beautiful time of the year here, please get in touch.

Here is a copy of our message we are sending people: ——————————————————- Hello (insert PLU member name)

My wife and I have just returned from a 7 week exchange in Perth and are looking at returning in 2020 for two weeks.

My daughter (who is staying with her sister in Perth at the moment) will be starting at ECU in Joondalup as a new student in February 2020.

Doriena and I need to return in February for these two weeks to help settle Zoe (my daughter) into the ECU village etc.

Are you interested in considering an exchange to Muscat at that time?

It's an easy flight: Perth - Dubai - Muscat with Emirates. Perth - Qatar - Muscat with Qatar Airways Perth - KL - Muscat with Oman Air

The dates we are thinking of are: Leaving Muscat on the Friday 7th Feb to arrive on the 8th. Leaving Perth on 20th Feb to arrive back in Muscat on the 21st. Please do have a look at our listing and let us know if you are interested.

Many thanks. —————————————————

To finish this Post, the picture is me, north of Perth, at the Pinnicles,

Safe travels everyone

John and Doriena


John & Doriena

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