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Welcome to the world of People Like Us home exchange!

Exchanging homes is a great way to spend your holiday immersing yourself in a different culture, adopting the local lifestyle and making lasting friendships along the way.

However, a successful home exchange also has a number of conditions that must be met and a certain etiquette. When you agree an exchange, it is a commitment.

Here are the 10 etiquette rules for a successful home exchange for all parties involved.

  1. Good and clear communication from start to finish is essential: be polite and always respond as quickly as possible.

  2. Be transparent and honest regarding your information and your home's (i.e. the number of people in your group, their age, travel dates, number of beds, etc.).

  3. Make your wishes known; the other party can indicate whether they are feasible and this prevents disappointments (for example the cleaning of the home at the end of the exchange).

  4. If all conditions have been discussed to the satisfaction of both parties and an exchange is agreed, the exchange becomes a fact. If for some extreme and unforeseen reason you need to pull out of the exchange, it is your responsibility to come up with an alternative solution (PLU can try to assist with this).

  5. It is not acceptable to change the conditions of the exchange without prior consultation and permission of the exchange partner (for example arriving with a larger number of persons in the group, a change of dates, bringing a pet).

  6. It is not acceptable inviting others into the home without prior permission from the exchange partner.

  7. Make your exchange partner feel at home, consider how you would like to be made felt welcome yourself.

  8. Make a detailed house guide with information about your home, the do's and dont’s and leave instruction manuals for appliances.

  9. If something unexpectedly breaks down or gets broken, report this as quickly as possible and replace the broken object or arrange for reimbursement of costs after consulting with the exchange partner.

  10. At the end of the exchange, leave the house as you found it or better. Don’t forget to thank your host for opening their home to you.

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