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Regular readers will know that my Blog is used to circulate information and to promote new and feature listings.

Well, today we're renaming it the Feed and opening it up to all our members.

A lot of people have very specific home swap needs. For example you might really want to travel to Spain but you can only travel in August. You can put that information in your personal description right now, but it's not very proactive and people may not see it.

The Feed is more like Facebook.

Use it to advertise your property. Use it to see who wants to come to Puglia. Use it to say you really want to go to Canada and are happy to swap with anyone there. Tell a story about a recent swap, or use it for anything you want! You can even add an image to dress up your post. Occasional posts will be promoted by email.

You're speaking to all your fellow members here so be respectful, polite and kind. Keep it on topic. I reserve the right to edit or remove anything that is not so! :)

Shortly you will be able to "Like" and comment on posts too.

As always, let me know if you have any questions, problems or suggestions (

Now, who will be the first? Be bold!

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