A new Feedback system for People Like Us

Feedback on the PLU platform has always been a little inflexible.

Home and guest feedback has been mixed in together.

For non-simultaneous exchanges, you had to wait till you travelled.

You couldn't edit feedback after it was done.

So I've done a bit of work on it!

We now have separate home and guest feedback. As the names would suggest, home feedback is about the home you stay in and guest feedback is for your exchange partner's stay in your place.

  • For a simultaneous exchange, both you and your exchange partner can enter both home and guest feedback immediately after the exchange has completed (which I work out by the end date of the exchange).

  • For non-simultaneous exchanges, you can enter home feedback after you have travelled and guest feedback after your partner has travelled.

  • For both non-reciprocal and hospitality exchanges, you can enter home feedback if you're the traveller and guest feedback if you're the member providing the accommodation.

In all cases, you can come back later and edit the feedback if you want to.

Both home and guest feedback will display as separate entries on home listings. For people who have multiple listings, any guest feedback received will be displayed on all listings.

Give it a try! I hope you like it. 🙂

All feedback that's in the system currently has been classified as home feedback so you may need to copy and paste from one to the other.

As always, if you see a problem, let me know via Member Support (Under Help on the menu).


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