5285 Places To Use Your Globes

Trial Members can host Premium Members from today

From today, Premium members can make proposals to all 5285 People Like Us homes, whether Premium or Trial. 

Recently, a Premium member in Austin asked me if they could be hosted by a Trial member in Spain for a Globe. The Trial member would join later this year but, for now, they wanted to make their home available to our Premium member since it was available. 

Why not, I thought! Win-win for everyone! 🙂

Our Trial member is providing a service, wants to earn a Globe and will join us as a Premium member later in order to use it. 

So, from today, you can! 🙂

Premium members, you can now make proposals to anyone. All 5285 homes in our community! Trial members can now host you for a non-reciprocal or hospitality stay. You can offer them a Globe too! To do it, just go ahead and make a formal proposal the same as you normally do.

Trial members, you can now earn and accumulate Globes to use when you become Premium. If you want to join us later, that's great! We'll be here for when you're ready and, in the mean time, you can still be a part of the PLU community.

This applies to non-reciprocal and hospitality stays only, where the Premium member is travelling. Trial members must still become Premium to travel and use Globes.


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