Open The Windows And Let The Sunshine In

Getting Ready For Spring Exchanges

For those of us who live in the Northern hemisphere, Spring is coming. After a long Winter, days are longer, warmer, birds are flying back, the air smells different, and possibilities are opening.

What about you?

How do you experience the early beginnings of the Spring season? What are you longing for?

Here are some suggestions to boost your mood and get a sense of regeneration, as nature does every year!

KonMari your home (and focus on what sparks joy)

For those who have not heard of the famous TV show, Japanese celebrity Marie Kondo helps people declutter their home, and get rid of whatever does not “spark joy” in their life. Skeptical? Give it a try as a family. You might be surprised at how you re-discover the things you really love - clothes, toys, objects, books, even kitchen appliances! As you get rid of stuff that no longer serves you, you get a sense of appreciation for what you decide to keep.

Garage-sale, recycle, donate, enjoy the process! Once you have been through this exercise, you want to deep-clean the house. Do these little repairs which have been nagging you for months. Invest in something fresh for the house: a plant, a new pair of cushions, a shelf for the kids to put their books on… Do it for yourself, knowing that it will also increase the well-being of your future guests.

Make really good pictures (and have fun doing so) 

Now that your home is all pampered, show time! To make really good pictures of your home, you don’t need to be a pro. All you need is a tidy house,  light, and time.  The "tidy house" part should be covered by now if you followed our suggestion above. 😀

Pick the time of day where the light is best, and simply open the windows to get more of it. If artificial light is needed, don’t hesitate to move light sources until you obtain the best results. Then you will need a bit of time to find angles that essentially capture the shape and mood of a room.

Now that you are in love again with your home, find the details which make it unique. It can be as simple as a shelf with travel souvenirs, an arrangement of plants on the terrace, a mural painting or a vase with freshly cut flowers. Community tip 💡: The more pictures you post on your listing, the more interest you raise, ie the more inquiries you receive. For more pro photo tips read our recent guest post

Join People Like Us (and get ready for your next vacation)

The registration process is a no-brainer since you already have the photos. Answer 8 simple questions in the “Fast track” registration process, add some insights about yourself and your family. Describe your home, your neighbourhood, the highlights and must-see in your region, and take advantage of our Early Bird offer, a 15% discount on Premium Membership, available to you until March 22.

Community tip 💡: If you do not have time to make the pictures of your home before March 22, no worries. You can take advantage of the offer, and add pictures afterwards.

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