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It's the heart of our People Like Us Community!

Did you know People Like Us operates the biggest home exchange Facebook group in the world?

Why do we use Facebook? Why don't we just use our website?

Do you need to be in it?

I first joined Facebook 15 years ago, in 2007. All the young guys in the office were on it so I thought I'd better do the same! 😂

I happily shared my life for about a decade and then slowed down, and then stopped entirely. I no longer use Facebook at all for personal sharing.

But I'm a huge fan of it for groups like People Like Us.


Because of trust.

Home exchanging depends on trust.

When you exchange with someone, you're leaving your biggest asset with a person you haven't met (usually).

Why would you do that? Why would you leave your home with a stranger?

That's why our friends think we're crazy! 😂

It's why our People Like Us community is so important. 

Trust cannot be demanded. You don't just get it automatically.

It has to be earned.

It's built up over time. 

You meet someone for the first time, talk to them, see them interract with others, see who they talk to and how, see who they've exchanged with.

By the time you exchange, that person who started out a stranger is a stranger no more.

And then you exchange, and you add another layer to the community.

How does all that have anything to do with our Facebook group?

That's where our community meets.

It's where our members advertise for exchanges. 

We talk about our local communities, and help people to know why they should want to exchange with us.

We talk about our travels.

We ask questions and get support.

We share.

We ask for help when we need it.

Particularly through the pandemic, it was the thing that kept us together. I believe it's helped to define our culture and our values.

Do you have to join?

No, you don't. The website works perfectly well without it.

But the distinguishing part of PLU is our community, and our community meets in our Facebook group.

So, even if you only join Facebook for that one thing and don't do anything else, it's still worth it.

Join us, and you'll be very happy that you did!


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