3 Good Reasons to Join People Like Us Now!

Join us before 15 January for our Happy 2022 Special Offer

Why join People Like Us now?

PLU is always great value, but why now? 

We're still in a pandemic! 😥

Times are uncertain! 😫

This is true and we can't control the pandemic, but here are 3 great reasons to become a Premium member today.

1. Build trust

Let me share some insights about trust.

Trust is like cement between members of our community.

Trust is what makes us happy to welcome other members to our home as if they were long-time friends.

Trust is what makes us go the extra mile to be good hosts and good guests.

Trust is what makes us happy to share the toys of our children, our books, our bikes and our cozy home with another family, while we enjoy in return their hospitality.

Trust is at the core of the relationship at PLU.

But trust cannot be assumed. It has to be earned. 

How do you create trust?

It takes a little time.

You need to get involved in the community. Talk to our members. Build up your profile.

Our members are eager to get to know you. They will visit your listing and profile and engage in conversations with you.

As you are responsive, open and curious, you will become a trusted PLU member before you know it. 

But get started now rather than waiting until you want to travel.

2. Dream your vacation

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
-- Walt Disney. 

Long evenings at the fireside are perfect for that.

Open PLU on your phone (or your laptop!) and start exploring.

Start with the countries you always wanted to visit.

Or with the type of vacation you are craving: Treat your family to an endless summer at the beach, go hiking in the mountains, explore the most vibrant European capitals, indulge la dolce vita in the wine country, discover famous or secluded natural parks, chase the most trendy modern art museums, enjoy a relaxing vacation in the countryside with your loves ones … it's your call. 

Consider regional areas, not just the tourist zones and big cities.

Hidden gems are at hand.

Use our Reverse Search feature to find homes belonging to members who want to come to your location. 

We have 148 different filters to help you find your dream vacation!

Each time you love a home on PLU, mark it as Favorite.

You might not visit them all next summer but in the future, who knows?

And now is the best time to be planning!

3. Summer is coming

(Or winter if you're one of our southern members, but winter is good too!) 😃

Christmas is finished.

New Year is done. (Happy New Year again!)

And now is the best time to plan for your Summer holidays!

Or even local short breaks. They're a brilliant way to meet people, see something different, and get some positive feedback for your profile.

Make it happen!

Now is time to get prepared and engage!

Finalize your profile with enough photos and insights to show your home at its best.

Set up your Desired Destinations so people know where you want to go. 

Respond to exchange inquiries. Make sure you have a 100% response rate!

Send exchange enquiries. I bet there is more than one possibility that will make you happy, probably a hundred, so send several messages and engage in conversations with your future exchange partners. 

Have both parties have agreed on a date? It is time to go into the details. When will you arrive? Are you going to meet, share a meal? If not, how do you exchange keys? What information do you need to share about your home and your area? Does the exchange family have kids? Are there any pets involved?  

Don’t sweat it. It is as simple as lending your house to dear friends or family members.

A bit of practical sense is in order, and our friendly community is here to help you.

Don't forget our Tips, FAQ and Blog are there to help you.

Read our How Does it Work page.

Get inspired by our members' Testimonials.

And the best resource of all, our Facebook Community


Times may be uncertain right now, but the pandemic will go.

We don't know when, but it will go.

Are you ready to plan your dream vacation?

Here is our Happy 2022 Special Offer to you: 

Choose one of the 3 premium membership options and get one additional complimentary year of membership if you do not achieve or settle an exchange during your membership period, no questions asked. Whatever the reason for not exchanging during your membership, you get a new chance to enjoy unlimited home exchanges in the following 12 months.

This is our guarantee to you because we do not want the pandemic to be in the way of your awesome vacation.  

This special offer is available only until January 15, 2022. 

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