Because We Care For You

Happy 2022! A special offer just for you!

Are you worried about possible travel restrictions in the upcoming weeks and months?

We are in this together.

These restrictions will keep us safe while the pandemic continues. This is out of our control.  

But there are some things that are in our control.

Some common traits we have in common at PLU.

Let me share what I've seen ...

This is the spirit of our PLU community.

One thing is our curiosity, our longing to discover new environments, to engage with new people.

We love to learn. We love to be surprised. We love to make new friends.  

No travel ban can take this away from us. 

Another trait is our capacity to adapt and make the best of what the circumstances are throwing at us.  

We cannot fly? OK, we can drive or take a train to destinations within our country or to countries next-door.

There are marvelous places to discover within driving distance. A stay in another region is as refreshing as a long-distance trip. It allows us to change perspective, reunite with our beloved ones, and maybe appreciate even more the value of being together.

You must know it by now, we are great planners AND unrelenting optimists.

When we face travel restrictions, we talk and we plan.

We polish our bucket list, we contact our fellow members for upcoming exchanges, we dream, we make agreements.

And when borders re-open, we are ready.

Last but not least, we care for each other.

We know many ways to be together. Because this is vital to us.

We exchange news, we support members in need or in sorrow.

We offer comfort, a place to stay, useful contacts, insiders’ tips, and much more.

We cook together (virtually 😀).

We are, in many ways, a family.

Are you one of us?  

Join our wonderful community without waiting for the pandemic situation to clear.

We welcome you right now.

Because we care for you. 

And we care for each other.

Here is our offer to you ...

Choose one of the 3 premium membership options, and get one additional complimentary year of membership if you do not exchange during your membership period.

This is our guarantee to you.

No questions asked.

We want to remove your risk. 

We want to make sure that you can exchange and that you get value out of your membership.

We don't want the pandemic to get in the way of an awesome vacation!

This special offer is available only to Facebook community and Trial members, and only until January 15, 2022. 

The offer is only available via this link and will not be advertised on the website:

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