I've just updated my profile. Why does the old information / photo still show? (This includes if you have changed from Trial to Premium.)

When you share a link to Facebook, Facebook takes a copy of the information from that page and caches (i.e. saves) it. If you share the same link again a week later, Facebook presents the information from its cache rather than going back to the original page. It's the way that Facebook presents so much data from shared links quickly. If, in the meantime, the page has changed, Facebook won't know. It will still present the old copy. You can tell Facebook to scrape the page again if you've changed it. Here's how: 1. Go to https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/. 2. Copy the link to your page (there's a Copy Link button at the top), paste it in the field on the page and click Debug. Facebook will show you the contents of its cache and when it was scraped. 3. Click Scrape Again. Facebook will go back to the original page and get the new data. That's it! The only thing is that existing posts and comments will not be updated. If you want to get the new information, you'll need to update the post or post again.