Urban Comfort in Cape Town - with a picture postcard view of Table Mt

I love the values of People Like Us - it’s a real example of the sharing economy at work



We love travelling to Europe and the East. Canada and New York are both on our bucket lists. We enjoy finding out about other cultures, art and food - and taking time to 'live like a local'. I used to teach art, so wherever I go, I look out for current exhibitions. I love to cook so local markets are really appealing to us. My partner and I are both self-employed and can work from anywhere in the world with a good strong wi-fi connection. We are semi-retired and becoming more free to travel anywhere and anytime. We are not bound by school holidays. Because we are usually doing a 'North-South' exchange (northern hemisphere to southern hemisphere) and it includes a long haul flight, we prefer a minimum of two weeks. Months that appeal to us March, April, May and September October, November. December to February in big cities only.
Travelling group
LGBTQ+ friendly Retired Remote Worker