Unlock the magic of Globes with People Like Us

Discover Globes, your passport to non-reciprocal adventures! Here's your guide to make the most of this delightful feature.

At the heart of People Like Us lies the spirit of reciprocal exchanges, but we get it—sometimes you need a dash of flexibility. Enter Globes, your sesame to non-reciprocal adventures! 

What is a Globe?

A Globe is your passport to non-reciprocal exchanges. But first, let's clarify a few things:

What is a reciprocal exchange? You stay in my home, and I stay in yours. It's the quintessential home exchange experience. It can be simultaneous, where we swap homes at the same time, or non-simultaneous, where we exchange homes but stay at different times.

Now, let's dive into Globes.

Picture this: You're in Madrid, longing to stay in my Zurich home. I'd be thrilled to host you, but alas, I've already explored Madrid recently. That's where the Globe comes in. Offer me a Globe, and voila! I can use it when I find myself in a similar scenario – someone eager to host me without the need for reciprocity. Globes make happy stays happen.

How do you get a Globe?

Accessible to all Premium members, a Globe is our way of applauding your engagement and hospitality. When you sign up for PLU Premium, you receive a Globe. It stays locked until either:

  • Within your first 12 months, you arrange a home exchange or host without reciprocity. Your Globe unlocks after 5 days of hosting.
  • If it hasn't unlocked through hosting in the initial 12 months, it automatically opens on your membership renewal date.
  • As a Premium member, others may offer you their Globe, presenting a unique opportunity for you to host without expecting a reciprocal stay.

When to Deploy Your Globe

The beauty of a Globe lies in its ability to facilitate non-reciprocal exchanges seamlessly. You offer a Globe when another member is happy to host you but isn't looking to visit your location. Offering a Globe in such situations becomes a win-win for all involved.

Receiving a Globe is a joyous moment for every member. It's a cherished token that circulates within our community, unlocking a myriad of possibilities for stays. The Globe adds a layer of flexibility to your home exchange experience, ensuring happiness and satisfaction for everyone involved.

What is a Globe worth?

A Globe is priceless! Whether it's a weekend getaway or a month-long adventure, a Globe is your way of expressing gratitude to the member hosting you without expecting anything in return. It's a thank-you, a sesame to unlock future opportunities.

Can you hold several Globes?

Absolutely! You can hold and give multiple Globes, spreading the joy of non-reciprocal exchanges.

What is the lifespan of a Globe?

Globes are your loyal companions as long as you're a Premium member.

Can you buy Globes?

Nope, Globes are not for sale. They're precious tokens, not commodities. Globes are exclusive perks for our fantastic Premium members.

Will people prefer Globes to traditional home exchange?

We carefully manage the number of Globes in circulation to ensure reciprocal exchanges remain at the core of PLU. Globes are like the grease in the engine, not the engine itself – adding flexibility without overshadowing the essence of genuine home exchange.

Globes vs. Points in Other Platforms?

Unlike points, a Globe is a heartfelt token, representing karma and flexibility. Globes embody trust and hospitality. No square meters, no transactions—just open exchange opportunities for everyone. When exchanges stay unencumbered, everyone emerges a winner.

Embark on your Globe-trotting journey with PLU Premium – where connections are made, homes are shared, and the joy of non-reciprocal exchanges awaits! 



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