The Best Countries to Live and Work Remotely for Digital Nomads

Embrace the freedom of remote work, and make the world your office!

Whether you're a freelance writer, customer service agent, data specialist, graphic designer, business owner, or corporate professional with some flexibility, the benefits of remote work are undeniable. The freedom to be on the move and find your home away from home is a pleasure waiting to be explored. At People Like Us, we've curated a list of some of the coolest places where you can embrace this lifestyle. 

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Starting off our list, we head to Thailand—home of sunny Chiang Mai, where the weather is good all year round. Plenty of people love Thailand—so much so, that they’ve decided to make it their home. There are cafes with free WiFi everywhere, the community is abuzz, and cards work in most of the restaurants. Explore the neighborhood of Nimman, cowork at Punspace, and get a lovely coffee at Ristr8to!

Now, while you might want to stay in Chiang Mai for a month or so, Bangkok is the perfect place for a week-long trip. While not exactly the best place for beaches (there’s Phuket and Bali for that), there are Michelin star restaurants and delicious street food stalls alike, tuktuks and sky trains, temples, and skyscrapers! If you aren’t too phased by the traffic (live like a local and get on a bike!) Bangkok’s diversity will wow you. While polarising on issues such as air quality and safety, you might find that Bangkok is one of the best cities in Southeast Asia.

Pocket your sunscreen, then click through to our listings in Thailand! (Chiang Mai is in the North, while Bangkok is on the central coast.)



The popularity of Lisbon, Porto, and greater Portugal amongst digital nomads is probably rooted in the blend of historical richness and modern vibrancy. Portugal is shaped by centuries of maritime exploration, and this is evident in its architecture and museums. The cultural scene with its traditional Fado music, street festivals, and more, provides a unique backdrop for digital nomads seeking inspiration and exceptional food. Explore the area around Lisbon, Porto, and the ancient capital Coimbra if you’re willing to learn a bit of Portuguese, integrate, and enjoy a vibrant digital nomad community.

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Right next door we have Spain—with beautiful hidden gems like Tenerife and Granada. Granada is lesser known but has great internet, and is much more affordable relative to other European cities. You can get anywhere (including the beaches and mountains!) via public transport and good old walking—everything is a stone’s throw away. Thankfully, too, there are plenty of establishments for socializing and relaxing; bars, clubs, and a lively cultural scene despite being a traditional town. Have some basic Spanish in your pocket and you’ll have a wonderful time!

Tenerife is a bit more touristic—the internet is also fast, and the people are just as friendly. Tenerife is raved about for its wonderful work-life balance, awesome weather, and plenty of things to do if you’re particularly active—otherwise, you might just enjoy the charm of living on an island. Don’t be surprised if you end up staying longer than intended!

To wrap up Spain, we have to discuss Barcelona. There are some concerns about accommodation cost increases (not a problem for PLU users!) but it must be mentioned as a potential indicator of how much one would expect to spend for other necessities. Of course, the nightlife is one of the main attractions, as is the tech scene, and the food! So, too, the surrounding landscape is beautiful. Socially, the area is very LGBTQ+ friendly!

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Fourthly we have Croatia—the people are warm, and the country has an undeniable charm. It’s safe, and public transportation is satisfactory—keep in mind, though, that cafes are seen as mostly for socializing and not working, but most people won’t mind at all. Many people speak basic English, the country is particularly democratic, the roads are safe and spacious, and so far, this is the most family-friendly city we’ve mentioned. Do note that it can be a little bit more expensive, and can get quite cold in the winter, but the architecture alone makes up for it.

Take a gander at PLU members’ listings in Croatia!



Whether it be Besikatas, Nişantaşı, Karakoy, or the coastal areas around Antalya, Turkey will win you over with its old-world allure. People are split on the historical district of Taksim, which is especially popular with tourists, but there’s plenty to explore elsewhere. Enjoy the midye (stuffed mussels with aromatic rice, herbs and spices), lokma (fried dough soaked in honey and cinnamon), kunefe (spun pastry soaked in syrup and layered with cheese and pistachio) and kebabs, and the many more delicious regional delicacies Turkey has to offer.  

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How to Become a Digital Nomad

Does your workload allow you to be able to work fully remotely? If your skillset is portable enough, and you have established an online presence for remote job opportunities as a freelancer, you’re three-quarters of the way there. 

Thankfully, People Like Us has filled in a gap where you can try out the lifestyle with minimal risk: find fresh perspective, break out of a rut, and find contentment without paying rent for two properties. Just keep in mind your preferences for safety, fun, internet availability, and cost. We’ve got the last bit covered for accommodation—our community allows for remote professionals to network and home exchange to countries each party is willing to explore.


Home Exchange for Sustainable Travel

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Embark on your digital nomad journey with People Like Us, exploring the best places to live, work, and travel sustainably. Embrace the freedom of remote work, and make the world your office!

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