Time to update your listing!

Friends, a very good point was made in a post on this thread that now is a good time to update your profiles and listings.

There have been lots of changes on the site recently including wheelchair access, LGBTQ+ friendly, privacy settings, swap types and travel styles. In the next few days you'll also see updates for travelling parties, photo captions and various other new features.

Take a moment to update your listings with these new settings.

Also take a moment to review your listings and make sure that your homes are presented in the best possible light. Have you taken nice bright quality photos of your home with it made up as you would leave it for a guest? Are your descriptions full and accurate? Have you described your local neighbourhood/town/city? Do you have a personal face photo on your member profile?

All of these things are very important to attract people to your listing.

Once these are all updated, share your home on our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/peoplelikeus.world.

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