The 4 dimensional connection

Meeting Lionnel and Sandrine

“You know we are very close to Chamonix…just saying”.

A couple who live in the French Alps, who ski, who were instrumental in tagging Tanja Žanpera for facilitating our trip to Croatia…I have to meet them.

It was 4 hour winding roads to see Lionnel and his wife Sandrine (We started from Switzerland, stopped over Chamonix). But it is absolutely worth it.

The view from Lionnel's and Sandrine's yard


What a beautiful home at a beautiful location they have! Most importantly we were touched by their heart warming generosity and hospitality.

Lionnel took Monday off to show us around:

  • Hiking to one of the prettiest and skinniest waterfall while tasting the grapes on the hill (just picked a few)
  • Touring the winery in his neighborhood.
  • Tasting the wine that made of the grapes we tasted on our hike.
  • Showing us the city of Chambéry.
The prettiest waterfall!


His beautiful wife Sandrine cooked tomato themed dinner from the tomatoes grown in their garden and lunch in their sun kissed backyard in a perfect summer day: not too hot not too cold, just perfect with the mountains, castle and church bell sound in the background…

Stepping and sleeping in someone’s home is a strange thing:

Here is the deal, home is usually someone’s biggest financial investment, lifelong creation of way of living, personal history with backdrop of regional or national history stretching out in all 4 dimensions (time and space)…sharing it with someone else is a very special gift.

It Itself is a mini education: history, geography, culture, food, human relations.

It is absolutely not a mechanical property swap. It is a glimpse into so many things.

Thank you so much Lionnel and Sandrine for sharing your beautiful home, food, inspiring travel stories and your generous spirit. Oh, and the farewell gifts from Savoie!

We will be back and you have to come to visit us!



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