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About a month ago I came across a site called ShareTraveller while looking for information about swaps. There was a story about how some home swap networks expose their members' details to the public.

It really struck a chord with us as we specifically do not reveal addresses until an exchange is agreed and we don't show unavailable calendars until a person joins and logs in. I struck up a conversation with Dawn, the author of the blog, and she interviewed me for a review of this site.

Last week the review was published:

As most of you know, People Like Us is new, only having launched 1 April this year and so of course we have to build the network and some of the features need some work. I found the review to be very fair and Dawn made some great suggestions for things we need to do (the expanded search features on the front page came immediately after the conversation with Dawn).

The review has been great for the site, bringing new diverse members to try it out and the feedback has been very positive. There's a long list of things we're doing to make the site better but the number one thing we want to do is give our customers a great experience.

Please keep sending us your ideas and feedback: If there are things we need to do to make your experience better, we need to know. These conversations are essential to improve our site and make it better for you.

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