A Daily Digest of new People Like Us homes

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We're trying something new today! 😃
We want to make it easier for our newbies to get started with People Like Us and with home exchanging.
We know that if a new starter gets interest in their home and can find that first exchange quickly, they're much more likely to become a member of our community and stay for the long term.
Starting today, we're launching a daily digest of new homes.
We'll include a selection of new homes that have been activated each day.
You can click through to the full profile from the photo and favourite the home and/or make an enquiry.
Can you imagine how welcome a new member will feel to receive enquiries on their first day? ❤️
Of course, we don't want to bother you with emails that you don't want so you can turn it off if you prefer. There's a link at the bottom of all emails to turn off that type, and you can also do so from your email settings.
I hope you like it, and I hope it inspires our newbies to get involved in our community more quickly, and forever! ❤️
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