💥 Happy People Like Us Founders’ Day!!

We launched our Premium service 3 years ago today!

Three years ago, the People Like Us world changed.

The worst of Covid was behind us and people were starting to feel optimistic about travel. 

We were getting excited about what the future may hold.

We wanted to invest in PLU but we couldn’t do it on our own. 

So we asked our members to help.

And our Founders did. 

1140 of them!

It changed everything for People Like Us.

It allowed Kathy and me to leave our jobs and to work on PLU full-time.

It allowed us to invest in our people … thank you, Alexandra, Joan, Vicki, Dana and Dora!

It allowed us to invest in our platform to make it easier to exchange, and in our marketing to tell more of the world about what we are and what we have.

We have 3 times as many members now, and our members will do 8 times as many nights of exchange as in 2021. 

Kathy and I are very proud of People Like Us. Our PLU Community is the most wonderful, beautiful community in the world.

Over 92% of our Founders are joining us to continue our future!

We have so much more to do and so much more that we’re planning. 

We want People Like Us to be here forever. 

We want it to be here for your kids and their families so that, one day, they’ll talk about what their parents started.

Thank you, PLU Founders, from Kathy and me, and thank you from everyone who loves People Like Us.

Thank you for believing in People Like Us and for helping us get started on our journey.

Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you continue to do.

It’s an exciting time to be a PLU. 😃

Here’s to our future together! ❤️

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Founder & CEO of People Like Us
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