Emerging Industries in Remote Work

With the world moving away from more traditional office environments, professionals are afforded more remote work opportunities and careers.

With the world moving away from more traditional office environments, professionals are afforded more remote work opportunities and careers. This ever-changing landscape lends itself to flexible work styles and given the remarkable shift, a spotlight on some of the key industries propelling this evolution is due. What's more, with the right accommodations set in place, remote workers can operate out of and explore new cultures at the same time.

Remote Work in the Technology and IT Field

At the forefront of the digital nomad revolution is the information technology sector, which has always been one of the main innovators and proponents of the remote work lifestyle. Given the nature of work, employees can sign in and manage entire systems from any point on earth provided there’s internet. 

Whether it’s software development or consulting, there is a significant demand for well-versed employees, and the field is quite competitive and technical. With the added freedom that tech professionals are given, so too are an employer’s choices for talent, given the pool of candidates extends worldwide. Overall, this independence can often lead to increased productivity and satisfaction on the job.

Remote Work in the Marketing and Advertising Field

Digital Marketing is a classic example of an industry gone remote, extending as far as traditional advertising. Social media managers, content writers, and SEO specialists leverage online platforms daily and work with many digital tools, lending themselves to the remote work setup.

A demonstrable ability to garner insights from larger data sets and to be able to steer marketing strategies with this information is key, and communication skills can be very helpful. 

Remote Work in Healthcare

It may come as a shock to many people who are used to traditional health care that the sector has also been influenced by the remote work trend. Ever since COVID, it often made sense to have consultations at a distance for safety reasons, and the framework has been present ever since. There are clear limitations, but a definite niche of telemedicine physicians, coders, and health information managers has since been introduced.

This has changed patient care, and with the significant traction gained in this field in recent years, it’s an interesting area to look out for for potential developments.

Remote Work in Education

Not dissimilar to the healthcare field is education—an area that has shown great resilience and flexibility given the pandemic. Online learning platforms and digital classrooms are not uncommon, and with the advent of this trend, it seems safe to say that remote work opportunities will continue to be an option for those interested and qualified.

Managing a class from a remote location can be challenging in many ways, and successful remote educators often possess strong communication skills and an understanding of their subject matter.

Remote Customer Service

Customer service is a more traditionally remote industry that has been extremely successful and popular in recent years. Its inception would’ve happened long before COVID, but given technological advancements, customer service representatives and tech support specialists aren’t required to come into call centers for work as often.

Calls can often be taken while abroad, via online platforms as opposed to traditional telephone systems, and addressing customer queries and issues via phone, email, or chat platforms has opened up people in this industry significantly.

Exploring the World as a Remote Worker Through Home Exchange

Do you possess the skills in any of these industries, or are you already part of one? Should you be part of the remote worker demographic, the obvious benefits of the lifestyle can be leveraged. Home Exchange is one such benefit, wherein you’re able to swap homes with a partner anywhere in the world. 

Your professional journey doesn’t have to end or be put on hold while you’re pursuing your passion to travel or to experience new environments or cultures. 

We can expect an increasing number of remote work opportunities across various sectors, and this article has identified just a select few of them. Whether you’re an experienced professional, or just starting your remote work journey, these industries offer exciting possibilities to build a successful remote career, and with People Like Us, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to see the world. Get started today.

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