People Like Us Partner Memberships are here!

Free for Premium Members

You may remember my little story during our Founder period about Kathy.

You know the one. I send her a PLU link .. "Whoa, look at this, let's go to Bologna!" "I can't see any of the photos!"

Nearly. Every. Day.

Well, no more!

I am in the good books again.

People Like Us Partner Memberships are here!

How does it work?

Each Premium Member can nominate one Partner. The Partner must have a membership but no active home profile i.e. classed as a non-Member currently.

Each Member should go to their Member profile:

  1. Click on your photo on the member
  2. Click on My Member Profile or just click here: At the bottom of each Member profile, you'll see a new Partners section.
  3. On the Partner screen, you'll see a Partner code you can use.
  4. On the Premium Member screen, you'll see a section to enter that code.
  5. Do it and save. Voila!

What can a Partner do?

The Partner membership is mostly for your partner to be able to see all parts of a home profile. As they inherit your membership level, they'll also be able to see all photos, descriptions, feedback, calendars and desired destinations. They can also save favourites and message other members.

Your Partner can't create exchanges or a new home profile and they can't act on your behalf. You have complete control and can delete the relationship at any time. ... All of these details are already in the Frequently Asked Questions section on the website.

I've updated our website service terms to define a Partner and say what they can and can't do. There are no other changes.

As always, if you see something going wrong, message me on the website (Help/Support). Give it a go and let me know what you think!

I hope you find it useful! 😀

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