97% Premium Response Rate

My PLU's, I have some good news to report.

And something I'm going to ask you to do for your community!

The average response rate across all Premium members is a whopping 97%!


Nearly 90% of our Premium members have a 100% response rate!

Most of those that do not are pretty close!

What does that mean really?

It means if you're messaging a Premium member, you're almost certain to get a response!

Overall our average response rate including Trial Members is 78%.

It's up from 73% earlier in the year and that's good, but we can do better.

So, here's the request:

Check if you need to respond to something

Just click this link: https://peoplelikeus.world/en/exchanges?require_action=true

If you see anything there, it's affecting your response rate.

Check your user profile for email issues


If there's a problem, you'll see a huge red banner telling you how to fix it.

Respond to your messages

When you send a message to someone, you know that you want a response, so please respond when you receive a message.

Even if it's to say that you can't travel right now.

Someone has taken the trouble to write to you, so please respond.

This is a great result, but let's do even better!!! 😃

Premium Admin


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