People Like Us Home Exchange update

It’s been a pretty big month here at People Like Us Home Exchange. I’ve done two big releases in the last week which have made some substantial changes to the site.

The first is that you can now search with the map. After doing a search, you can move the map or zoom and it will narrow down the homes that are shown to you.

I've rectified something I introduced in the last release. All the pins are back regardless of how many pages of homes there are. You'll also notice that, as you page, the homes will refresh faster without having to reload the page.

I've also done a big new update to exchanges 🏡 in the People Like Us system to make things simpler and fix a few things that people have asked for quite a while.

You'll see the changes if you click on Exchanges (handshake icon 🤝):

  1. Your response rate will now be calculated using ANY response to an exchange, including messages. If you accept or decline it, or send the other member a message, all of those things will be counted as having responded to the member.
  2. I've removed the "Maybe" response. it was too confusing and people were never sure how to use it. All "Maybes" have been changed back to Proposed. You can now accept or decline them.
  3. No more "Complete" button. The system will now just work out if an exchange is completed based on the end date and if the exchange is Accepted.
  4. The process should all round be much simpler than before. An exchange will move from the various stages based on whether or not you accept or decline and based on the dates.

I will add a feature later so that you can make a response to feedback too, and this will also show on your home listing.

I am starting to work on Globes.

Globes will be used to assist non-reciprocal and hospitality stays. If I want to stay in your home but you don't want to stay in mine, I can offer a Globe. You can then use that Globe to stay at another member's home.

This is how it will work:

  1. A Globe represents one stay. The duration of the stay is for members to work out between themselves.
  2. Globes may be offered for Non-reciprocal and Hospitality stays.
  3. There will be no money in the system, at all, ever. It will not be possible to buy Globes.
  4. Everything is equal. Homes are not rated. There are no different Globes for different homes or different locations.
  5. You don't have to accept a Globe exchange, same as any other exchange.
  6. The system is optional. You may opt out of the Globes system, meaning that members will not be able to offer you Globes and you will not be able to offer them to others.

As always, email me ( if you have any questions or message me. If you’re on Facebook join our group:

More than anything, if you have not listed your home, do so and start exchanging with us.

Cheers, Drew

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