New privacy provisions

In response to a suggestion made by a member overnight, I've added three new privacy settings into People Like Us today.

These are to hide travelling party descriptions, member descriptions and desired destinations.

Unlike any other exchange platform, most People Like Us privacy settings are configurable allowing you to choose the level of privacy that's right for you.

These are the different privacy settings available now:

  1. Always hidden from all non-members and members without listings: Calendar, Reviews, Travelling party description
  2. Optionally hidden and default to hide: Map
  3. Optionally hidden but defaulting to show: Second and subsequent photos, detailed descriptions, member description, desired destinations

Of the new ones, the travelling party description will always be hidden. The other two are currently showing but you can hide them by visiting your member profile.

If you have more than one listing, these new settings will apply across all your listings.

When subscription fees are introduced, these will be further enhanced to give additional control to Premium members.

As always, let me know if you'd like to discuss.

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