Meet our big new thing!

Regular readers in our Facebook group will know that I’ve been busy on something.

If you’re not in our Facebook group though, you probably don’t know that.

About a thousand of our 3,000 members are not in our Facebook group.

The problem is that those members are missing out on one of the best things about People Like Us: the community.

I firmly believe that People Like Us has the strongest home exchange community in the world. Even through the pandemic, people have stuck together.

We’ve seen all sorts of stories of positivity and resilience, but sad stories too. We’ve seen how the pandemic has touched our ordinary lives and heard about what you’re doing to cope.

Before the pandemic, our Facebook group was filled with stories of travel, with advertisements for listings and what our members want, with discussions about how to make the site better.

Relationships have been built and friends have been made.

But if you’re not in the Facebook group, you’ve seen none of that.

Today, I’m announcing “The Feed”.

The Feed will be everything you love about Facebook, but it will be securely inside the People Like Us platform, only for People Like Us Premium members.

When launched, you’ll be able to post stories with photos, comment, reply and react to posts, comments and replies.

But because The Feed is part of the PLU platform, you’ll get things that you can’t do on Facebook too. Like link directly from a person’s post to their listing (without them having to tell you what their listing number is!).

The Feed is fully reactive, meaning that when someone types a post or a comment or reacts to either of those, it just appears on your screen without refresh.

You won’t be limited to a single reaction. You know those stories that you love that make you go “Wow” and want to give that person a hug? You can do all of those in The Feed.

In future, I have big plans. You’ll be able to see who else is on the platform with you right now. You’re going to be able to create your own “groups” within The Feed, and moderate them yourself.

Have you always wanted to run your own PLU group for local Scandinavian travel? That’s what the Feed is for, but it will keep all the conversation together, inside the platform.

I have lots of other ideas too, which I’ll talk about in future. I’d like to hear yours too. Let me know on the Feed! 🙂

It’s live now so go right ahead and try it.

It’s a first version so it will probably have some bugs. Let me know via the support system in the platform.

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