Global People Like Us Secret Santa

This has been a crazy year and we need some happiness.

I’ve decided to run a worldwide PLU Secret Santa!

How does it work?

Simply go to, enter your full address including the country and register.

Please understand that your name and address will be sent to another member.

In about a week, I’ll run a random draw and allocate each participant another PLU.

You can choose a gift that is particular to your PLU, or something local to you, or anything you choose but gifts should have a maximum value of $US10. You can even send something from Amazon or similar if you like.

You have to keep it secret but you can have fun with it. Post a pic of your gift and drop hints on Facebook or the Feed.

The post is likely to be a bit delayed this year so you’ll need to send your gift early. You can confirm the gift was sent on the PLU Santa page (so that I don’t chase you up!).

I hope you join me in sharing some PLU love! Register now!

PLU Secret Santa is only open to People Like Us members with active listings.

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