How do I boost my listing on People Like Us?

You might notice that on each listing we keep the number of views. That's the number of times that someone has opened your listing page.

But you might also notice that some have thousands of views. How does that happen?

In a word, Facebook. (And photos, but that's two words).

We promote all our new listings on Facebook as soon as they come in. Our Facebook page is here:

That will usually bring quite a few views but that isn't everything. It's one thing for us to advertise your listing but another thing entirely if you do.

Most of the really popular listings have been advertised separately on the member's page. Your friends will always be interested in your listing, and they will bring their friends. It's the most successful way of promoting your listing by far.

That, and quality photos. People want to see inside and out, kitchens, bedrooms and location shots but the main photo is the most important. It can triple your views.

So, jump into your listing, copy the direct link (like, put it and a photo on your Facebook page and watch your views skyrocket!

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