Globes are coming. Here are the rules!

This is the notice that will appear in the new system about how Globes work. There is also information on how Exchanges change in the new system:


People Like Us uses Globes to assist non-reciprocal and hospitality stays. A Globe is a token that can be exchanged for a stay in someone’s home. If I want to stay in your home but you don't want to stay in mine, I can offer a Globe. You can then use that Globe to stay at another member's home:

  1. A globe has a serial number. Each Globe is a separate numbered “thing” and all Globe movements are recorded. You can see which Globes are in your Suitcase on the Globes tab.

  2. A Globe represents one stay. The duration of the stay is for members to work out between themselves.

  3. Globes may be offered for Non-reciprocal and Hospitality stays. People Like Us continues to promote Simultaneous and Non-Simultaneous Exchanges as our priority. These types of Exchanges are not affected by Globes.

  4. There will be no money in the system, at all, ever. It will not be possible to buy Globes.

  5. Everything is equal. Homes are not rated. There are no different Globes for different homes or different locations.

  6. You don't have to accept a Globe exchange, same as any other exchange.

  7. The system is optional. You may opt out of the Globes system, meaning that members will not be able to offer you Globes and you will not be able to offer them to others. If you are not in the Globes system, this notice is the only part of it that you will see.


  1. There are four stages to an Exchange (5 if you count after the exchange is complete): Enquire, Propose, Accept, Finalise.

  2. Exchanges are now integrated with Messages. If you send a message about an Exchange (from the Exchange screen), that Message will be linked to the Exchange. From within the Exchange you can see all Messages or just those for the Exchange.

  3. Enquiries are new. You can send as many of these as you want without commitment, and you just add the details you know. If you're offering a Globe, you can indicate that in the Enquiry. You discuss the Enquiry with your travel partner with Messages for as long as it takes to work out your travel. When you have an agreement about the Exchange, you proceed to a formal Proposal.

  4. A Proposal follows an Enquiry. A Proposal should be considered a commitment to an Exchange. Proposals must have all details filled in (type, dates, Globes if applicable). Continue to discuss the Exchange Enquiry until you’re sure of the details. A Globe (if applicable) can only be committed to a single Proposal. That is, you can't make a second Proposal with the same Globe until that Proposal is declined or expires (more on that below). In future, Proposals will carry expiry dates.

  5. A Proposal can be accepted or declined by the recipient. If accepted it will come back to you for finalisation.

  6. When finalised, if a Globe is attached it will transfer to the host at this point. The exchange details will be locked. Further changes may be made but they will require agreement by both sides again.

  7. Cancellations: Any Exchange may be cancelled by either side before Finalisation without any special conditions. If finalised and a Globe has been transferred:

  • If Cancelled by the offering party (i.e. the member that had the Globe and transferred it to the recipient), the Globe stays with the recipient.

  • If cancelled by the recipient, the Globe will be returned. If the recipient has used the Globe in another Exchange, that Exchange will be cancelled too. If the recipient no longer owns the Globe, a different Globe will be returned. If the recipient has no Globe to return, a new Globe will be generated to return but the recipient will “owe” the system their next Globe. The next time the recipient earns a Globe it will be returned to the system Globe pool.

  1. An Exchange is considered complete when a Finalised Exchange’s end date has passed. For non-simultaneous Exchanges, each side is considered separately i.e. each side will complete at different times. Exchanges which are not Finalised will not Complete.

  2. Once complete, an Exchange can be reviewed by providing Feedback. An exchange can be reviewed once by each side of the Exchange. In future, members will be able to reply to Feedback. Once reviewed, the review cannot be changed or deleted.

New Terms and Conditions for the website will be introduced for Globes. All users of the website will be required to agree to the Terms. If, in future, a fee is introduce for People Like Us, Globes will only be held and used by financial members. Following a grace period, unused Globes and Globes that are committed to incomplete Exchanges will be forfeited by unfinancial members and returned to the system. New Globes may be introduced to the system in future. If so, this will be at the sole discretion of People Like Us management.

I'm really excited about this new feature. It's been a heap of work and is a bit late, sorry about that. It's now being tested and will be released soon.

(Sorry for the legal bumpf at the end. I thought it was important to state this now.)

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