3000 homes, 97 countries and other milestones

Welcome to all our recent newcomers! ❤️

This year has already been super-busy with over 60 new homes every week.

We just listed our 3,000th home, our 300th in Australia, our 200th in Spain and the first in the Seychelles (that makes 97 countries!). 🥳🤩 We'll also cross 600 in the US and 500 in France in the next week.

Numbers sound good but it's all always about the choice that it brings you, and greater likelihood that you'll find the exchange you're after.

One interesting thing this last week: We had the first case I'm aware of where one of our members sold a home, told the buyers about our site, and the the new owners listed the same home! A special welcome, Holly and Andrew! ❤️❤️


A reminder to everyone to check the exchange types they offer on their listings. I am regularly asked why someone isn't able to propose a non-simultaneous or non-reciprocal exchange. The answer is always that the other member doesn't allow it. These settings can be changed very simply on your listing:


This and many other questions are covered on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page so have a look there if you have a question, or put it on our Facebook page, or ask me.


My work on subscription fees and the many accompanying changes continues and it's going very well but it's still a few weeks away. I'll post more information about that soon.

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