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Lovely modern home in small countryside village

Haus • Greater Manchester United Kingdom

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We live in a little village called Grasscroft. This is in Saddleworth, approx 7 miles from Manchester City Centre. It is a lovely, peaceful village with a few coffee shops, traditional pubs and a wonderful community feel. We moved here just 5 years ago because of its community spirit and local charms. It has great transport links with the convenience of trains and buses only a few minutes walk away. Definately the best thing about living round Saddleworth is the scenery and countryside. Countryside and canal walks that are breathtaking - as can be seen in our photos. Lots to see and plenty to do no matter what your age. If youre after a picturesque place to stay with a vibrant, lively city also on your doorstep then im sure you will love our home!

Der Raum

Our home is semi detached. It consists of 3 large bedrooms, a study, 2 bathrooms - 1 ensuite. Downstairs - large kitchen diner, utility room, downstairs WC, playroom and sitting room. Large garden to the rear with a driveway to the front of the house


Easy access front, rear and side or house


Plenty of toys and activities for children to play with. Pool table, sunken trampoline, basketball net, Xbox, bikes... the list goes on!!


    Sport und Freizeit


    Geeignet für Kinder unter 2 Jahren
    Geeignet für Kinder zwischen 2 und 12 Jahren
    Haustiere nicht erlaubt
    Rauchen verboten


So much to do.... peaceful quiet village lifestyle of our village or vibrant, lively, always busy city of Manchester.


Trains into the City a short walk away. Bus stop just down the road. Use of our car can be arranged.

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Saddleworth, Manchester, England, UK
Mitglied seit October 2019
We are a family of 4 who would love to start travelling and see the world. My husband and I work hard, my husband Chris as an engineer and I, Kyla as an A&E nurse. We have decided we need to spend more time enjoying ourselves and seeing more of what the world has to offer! We have 2 children, a son aged 11 who has just started high school and a daughter who's 7 who is in year 3. They love anything outdoorsy and are active members of the local scout group and gymnastics team. We are looking to travel anywhere in the world and are definately open to suggestions. We are particularly keen to visit the USA, Canada and Australia but obviously having children may restrict us sometimes to school holidays.
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